Low Sugar / Sugar Free
Low Sugar / Sugar Free

Holland & Barrett stocks an irresistible range of low sugar and sugar free products, ideal for those looking to restrict their sugar intake.

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Product image showing Organic Hemp Oil

260ml Bottle

Now: €11.79

More information Organic Hemp Oil

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Product image showing Natural Peanut Butter

1000g Tub

Now: €7.09

More information Natural Peanut Butter

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Product image showing Rice Dream - Hazelnut & Almond

1litre Carton

Hazelnut & Almond

Now: €3.39

More information Rice Dream - Hazelnut & Almond

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Product image showing Organic Soya Milk

1Litre Carton

Now: €2.29

More information Organic Soya Milk

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Product image showing Natural Molasses Pure Cane

740g Jar

Now: €3.99

More information Natural Molasses Pure Cane

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Product image showing Nut Luncheon

420g Tin

Now: €2.49

More information Nut Luncheon

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Product image showing Sula Sugar Free Sweets

42g Box


Now: €1.35

More information Sula Sugar Free Sweets

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Product image showing Light Tahini Creamed Sesame

340g Jar

Now: €3.99

More information Light Tahini Creamed Sesame

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Product image showing Lemon Juice

500ml Bottle

Now: €3.69

More information Lemon Juice

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Product image showing Organic Oat Drink

1litre Carton

Now: €2.99

More information Organic Oat Drink

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Currently showing products 1 to 12 of 61 products.
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