What is happening?

The Revenue Commissioners have decided that on March 1st 2019, 23% VAT will be applied to all health food supplements. This includes Vitamins, Probiotics and Fish Oil.

What does this mean?

On March 1st 2019, retailers must apply 23% VAT to all health food supplements, resulting in a 23% price increase for consumers. Such a sudden and radical increase in taxation will put a huge strain on consumers and cause many to have to reconsider their approach towards managing their health.

What can be done?

  • Sign the petition which can be found at www.stopthisvat.ie
  • Email or write to your local minister or TD
  • Share the social media assets which have been created for the campaign.The IHTA in association with HSI have created various assets to support this campaign
  • Contact your local newspaper and radio station and make them aware of what is happening and that it will affect their listeners / readers and will negatively impact many local businesses

For more information, download an infomation pack, or support with a campaign poster