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About our podcast host, Dr Gemma Newman

Dr Gemma Newman is better known as the ‘Plant Power Doctor’. A doctor for 16 years, Gemma specialises in holistic health and plant-based nutrition as well as lifestyle medicine. In her practice she has come to understand that body, mind and soul are not separate, and that it is only in addressing the root causes of stress and disconnection that we can truly heal, from the inside out.

Dr Gemma Newman

The Plant Based Doctor

Dr Gemma Newman

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Episode 01 - Understand and support your immune system

Immunity. It’s more important now than ever. Yet many of us don’t understand our immune system or know how to look after it. In this episode we’ll be discussing immunity in detail while ensuring you know the basics of immune system maintenance.

With guests:

  • Dr Jenna Macciochi - An immunologist, lecturer at Sussex University and author of Immunity: The Science of Staying Well.
  • Emily Rollason - Senior Nutritionist at Holland & Barrett with over 6 years experience. Emily specialises in digestive health and immune support.

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E02 - What's stopping you sleeping?

Trouble sleeping? A poor night’s sleep impacts us all at some point in our lives but there are things we can do to improve the quality of our sleep. In this episode we discuss the importance of sleep and changes you can make to ensure you get a better nights sleep.

With Guests:

  • Dr Guy Meadows - Co-Founder and Clinical Director of the Sleep School plus author of The Sleep Book: How To Sleep Well Every Night.
  • Dr Nerina Ramlakha - Physiologist, sleep therapist and author of Tired But Wired: How To Overcome Your Sleep Problems, Fast Asleep Wide Awake and The Little Book Of Sleep

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Episode 03 - How can I get more energy?

Need a boost? We all know the feeling when we’re lacking in energy and get-up-and-go, which can be particularly acute in the winter. In this episode we’ll look at simple ways to get more energy; from diet, fitness, supplements, and more;

With Guests:

  • Dr Sohere Roked - GP with a specialist interest in integrative medicine and trained in holistic and conventional medicine.
  • Alex Glover - Senior Nutritionist at Holland & Barrett with a keen interest in human physiology, metabolic diseases and how nutrition can affect our predisposition to metabolic illnesses.

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Episode 04 - Addressing Problem Skin

Trouble with problem skin? This episode takes a look at potential causes such as diet, hormones, stress and medications, as well as proposing a clean skincare intervention.

With Guests:

  • Hanna Sillitoe - A plant-based skin care expert and author of Radiant, Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin and Skin Healing Expert, Your 5 Pillar Plan For Calm, Clear Skin.
  • Romi Olley - Chelmsford’s H&B beauty expert and qualified beauty therapist for 35 years, with a wealth of experience supporting customers with their skin concerns.

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Episode 05 - Fitness: The secrets of the motivated

During 2020 have you started a new home fitness regime or given up on exercise? This episode will offer practical, insightful advice to get you off that sofa and running 5k in no time at all. Plus, top tips for experienced exercise enthusiasts who feel like they’ve been left stuck in a fitness rut.

With Guests:

  • Adrienne Ldn - A trainer, motivational speaker and soon-to-be author. Her inspiring ethos is based around claiming back that first hour of the day to work on what you want to achieve.
  • Joe Cooke - From Holland & Barrets Chelmsford store, an expert in health and fitness enthusiast.

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Episode 06 - Gut Health & Immunity

Some experts believe over 70% of immunity comes down to our gut. So staying well may be as much about what we feed our gut as washing our hands and wearing face masks. This episode seeks to find out why, and how we can make it as robust as possible.

With Guests:

  • Eve Kalinik - A nutritionist and author with am aim to help people discover that a healthy gut and happy mind are linked.
  • Isabel Tarrant - A nutritionist at Holland & Barret with an MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition specialising in gut health and the role of the gut microbiome in digestive health, immunity and brain health.

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Episode 07 - How to cook well now

Do you ever wonder how you can shop less but cook more? In this episode we talk through batch cooking with tips to make veg last longer,and personal favourite lockdown creations. Plus how to use store cupboard ingredients, spices, and seasonal veg to cook up a storm.

With Guests:

  • Anna Jones - A cook, writer and stylist, the voice of modern vegetarian cooking and the author of the bestselling A Modern Way to Eat, A Modern Way to Cook and The Modern Cook’s Year.
  • Merilyn Muradzi - Nutritionist at Holland & Barrett with a degree in Human  Nutrition and currently working towards an MSc in Public Health Nutrition.

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Episode 08 - How to be happy

Everybody wants to be happier, but it takes work. And right now, nearly half of British people are dealing with particularly high levels of anxiety, according to the ONS. In this episode we look at the golden guidelines for happiness, even in these times of #coronanxiety.

With guest:

  • Owen O’Kane - Motivational mental health speaker and therapist who specialises in helping people deal with anxiety and stress so that they can live happy lives.

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What can we do to achieve Wellness? Dr Gemma Newman will be discusing key topics such as immunity, sleep, energy, beauty, health and more with some of her favourite experts in this 8 part podcast series.

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