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How often do you read the ingredients on the back of your beauty products?

Probably not very often, but sometimes it can make for an interesting read. Whether it is your shampoo, make-up or skincare, what you put on your body is important.

With many people experiencing skin conditions or sensitivities, there are now many more natural beauty products on the market that are designed not only to do their job, but to care for you too.

Add to this the fact that these products are good for the planet too, and it is easy to see why you should go natural when it comes to beauty!

What are natural beauty products?

A quick look at any skin care label will reveal a list of unpronounceable and slightly intimidating looking ingredients!

Natural beauty products switch out many of these ingredients for ones that are found in nature and are therefore kinder to you.

The typical natural beauty best sellers include skin care, shampoo and make-up, as these are the things that we use all the time.

Will natural skin care work?

Just because something contains fewer synthetic ingredients, does not mean that it will not still benefit you.

By reducing the artificial elements of the products on your skin, you can help support the long-term health and radiance of your skin.

Our skin is subjected to many pollutants on a daily basis, which can lead to redness, irritation and premature ageing.

Using natural and organic skin care can help to combat these effects, by nourishing and help protecting the skin in the way that nature intended.

The Weleda Skin Food is packed with plant extracts to nourish the skin the natural way.

This approach to clean beauty helps to aid the healing and restoration of the skin.

Does natural shampoo feel different?

There is nothing better than the clean scent of freshly washed hair, and when you use natural shampoo you can harness the purity of nature.

You may be used to the thick lather of many shampoos.

The scent of natural shampoo comes from beautiful essential oils and plant extracts and smell delicious.

They are also suitable for all hair types, so whether your hair is greasy, curly or coloured, you can still enjoy from brands such as Dr Organic.

Natural make-up

Make-up sits on our faces for the best part of a day, so it is important to make sure that it agrees with us.

Are natural beauty products better for the planet?

The problems do not stop at production either, as these ingredients then enter the water system when you use them at home.

Natural, organic ingredients are farmed and manufactured in a way that is much more beneficial to the Earth and far fewer chemicals are involved.

Fragrance is another problem for many people, as strong, simulated scents are usually there to cover up other chemical smells and can sometimes lead to headaches and sensitivities.

By contrast, natural beauty products use perfume which comes directly from nature, making them much easier on the nose!

Choosing natural beauty products as part of your new daily regime is an important step towards incredible skin health, cleanliness and radiant beauty, all while helping the planet.

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