20 screen-free activities to keep the kids occupied

With school closures potentially in place until the summer – it’s unlikely that the tablet or games console will suffice during this extended period of time off to fight away the inevitable boredom that will set in.

However – it’s not all doom and gloom: there are plenty of other activities available that will involve putting screens to one side and in some cases connecting with the family in person.

There’s plenty of solutions available – so we’ve put together a quickfire 20 screen free activities, which can be done indoors or in the garden:

Screen-free activities for children:

1 – Push up or sit up challenge, it’s a great way of keeping active and would be great to challenge further as the time goes on!

2 – Stock up on colouring and puzzle books

3 – Bake cakes together – our salted caramel chocolate brownies go down a storm

4 – A pack of cards – there is thought to be between 1,000 and 10,000 card games. If all else fails, build a house of cards

5 – Build a den out from bits around the house – a fort out of bed sheets in the living area or kitchen works a treat

6 – A treasure hunt around the house and garden – with Easter around the corner an Easter egg hunt should do the trick

7 – Jigsaw puzzles – depending on age, a small 2D or more sophisticated 3D puzzle if they’re a bit older

8 – Play music through the speakers, shut the curtains and have a disco

9 – Board games can pass a whole afternoon – whether that’s with a reputable board game or the creation of your own

10 – Random acts of kindness can go a long way in times like this, help volunteer in the local area. Knock on the doors of the local neighbours who you know are vulnerable.

11 – Hide and seek always goes down a storm

12 – Fly a kite in the garden or local park area (remember about the social distancing!)

13 – Write a diary of the time spent off school, it’s a unique time so will be great to write down feelings and reflect on this time when older

14 – Get together a selection of comics

15 – Choose a book series and try and complete from start to finish

16 – Charades!

17 – If you have a garden – you could camp in the garden when it gets a little bit warmer

18 – Regular picnics in the garden, or with the windows open in the living area to ensure you’re getting a good amount of fresh air during the day

19 – It’s the perfect time of year for a spring clean – prepare unwanted toys for charity later in the year

20 – Create homemade gifts for loved ones who have been advised to self-isolate for twelve weeks

With no exact date set on when the kids will be returning to school – we’re hoping that the ideas above have given some ideas of how to pass the time on this extended break from school.

While it’s a slightly nervous and unpredictable time – one positive is we get to spend more quality time with the children and the people we love.

Last updated: 27 March 2020

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