Santa Claus and a fancy decorated Christmas cake

How to create a Father Christmas cake

Whether you decide to make a fruit cake or a sponge cake this Christmas, you’ll want it to look as festive as possible. One way of doing this is to decorate it with a Father Christmas topper made from sugar paste.

You can pick up sugar paste (also known as fondant icing) premade in lots of different colours from most supermarkets. It has a long shelf life and is ready to be rolled out and shaped. If you can’t find sugar paste in the exact shade you like, buy white sugar paste and try adding a few drops of food colouring.

To create your topper, you’ll need a cake smoother, a non-stick rolling pin and a spacer. This recipe presumes that you’ve already covered your cake in icing and are just looking to add the finishing touches.

Father Christmas icing cake topper


  • White sugar paste icing
  • Pink sugar paste icing
  • Black sugar paste icing
  • Red sugar paste icing
  • Brown sugar paste icing
  • 60ml cooled boiled water


  1. In pink icing, create the head by rolling a ball approximately 5cm in diameter. Roll small balls for the nose and ears.
  2. In red icing, create the body by rolling a ball approximately 10cm in diameter and the arms by rolling a sausage shape approximately 20cm long and with a diameter of 3cm. Make the hat by shaping a cone and bending the top over at one side.
  3. In black icing, cut out a belt, four buttons and two eyes. Roll two balls for the gloves.
  4. In white icing, roll a ball for the pompom on the hat and cut out cuffs and a beard.
  5. Assemble all the pieces together by using a few drops of water as the “glue”, placing the finished Father Christmas on top of the cake.
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