AddCBG Cosmetic Enhancer 100mg

AddCBG Cosmetic Enhancer 100mg

AddCBG Cosmetic Enhancer 100mg


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  • A new generation of cannabinoids have arrived.
  • Gives you the ability to customise and enhance your favourite brand of cosmetics, adding the benefits of CBG.
  • Add me to; hand cream, muscle balm, bath salts, roller ball applicators, body rescue salve and facial oil to name a few.

AddCBG gives you the option to customise and enhance your favourite cosmetics brands. We believe that providing a simple CBG additive to use with products you already know and love, enables your path to wellbeing with the added benefits of CBG.

Incorporating CBG into your lifestyle should be simple. With AddCBG there's no need to substitute your everyday products. You can add this to just about any cosmetic, with AddCBG's exceptional versitility, it's now extremely easy to introduce cannabigerol into your daily routine at your desired CBG strength. Enhancing your products is easy, just follow these steps; Prepare your chosen cosmetics product, in a seporate container if preffered. Unscrew pipette cap, squeeze and draw your required dosage. 'AddCBG' to your cosmetic and mix, replace pipette cap to keep your product fresh. Enjoy using your enhanced product. Dosage directions: 100mg AddCBG formula is equal to 10mg per ml. eg. 2ml of 100mg formula is equal to 20mg.

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Directions for use: Place some of your chosen cosmetic in a separate container. Use the pipette in the cap to draw up your required dosage. ‘AddCBG’ to your cosmetic and mix. Enjoy using your AddCBG enhanced product.


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MCT Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Cannabigerol

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For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep sealed, store in a cool dry place. Vegan friendly.