Go Go Guarana Jungle Elixir


Go Go Guarana Jungle Elixir
Go Go Guarana Jungle Elixir

Go Go Guarana Jungle Elixir


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Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) is a climbing shrub native to the Amazon rainforest and the only ingredient in our GoGo Guaraná range of products. The clusters of small bright red fruit that are produced by this plant, split open to reveal a black seed when they are ripe. It is this seed that provide the energising benefits and which has been in use by indigenous tribes for thousands of years as a way to ward off hunger and fatigue in the tough rainforest environment. In fact, it was considered so valuable to many tribes that it was used as a form of currency.

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1 – 2 phials daily, as required. Max 3 phials per day.

Advisory Information:

Not advisable to take if you have a sensitivity to caffeine.


Always read the label

Wheat Syrup* (gluten-free), Water, Lemon Concentrate*, Guarana Extract* (Paullinia cupana Kunth. ex H.B.K. – 250 mg/15 ml), Maltodextrin*, Natural Flavourings.*
*From Organic Farming – Controlled by BE-BIO-01.
Each phial (15 ml) contains 1,000mg of guarana, which is equivalent to 30 mg of caffeine.

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