Health Aid Siberian Ginseng


Health Aid Siberian Ginseng
Health Aid Siberian Ginseng

Health Aid Siberian Ginseng


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Siberian Ginseng Capsules are specially formulated using pure quality standardised Siberian ginseng extract.

The ginseng roots used in the formulation are at least five years old and matured to contain the optimum levels of Ginsenosides, the active components within ginseng. Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogen and helps the body cope with the constant pressures and demands exerted on it, allowing the body metabolism to run smoothly.

Nutritional Information

Siberian Ginseng Extract 250mg
Typical values per Serving:

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Adults and children over 12 years of age one capsule daily on an empty stomach. Can be taken as an infusion for tea by placing one capsule in a cup, add boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. Add sugar or honey to sweeten as desired.


Always read the label

Standardised Siberian Ginseng Extract, Soybean Oil, Gelatine, Glycerol, Yellow Beeswax, Lecithin (unbleached), Purified Water, Natural Colours (Titanium Dioxide, Brown & Yellow Iron Oxide).

Advisory information:

Contains soy. Do not use products containing Ginseng if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or a heart rhythm irregularity or if you are taking MAOIs, the enzyme-inhibitor drugs used to combat depression, or warfarin.

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