Author: Stephanie Romiszewski , Expert Behavioural Sleep Therapist

Stephanie Romiszewski

Sleep Psychology BSc Hons Psychology & MSc Degree in Behavioural Sleep Medicine

About Stephanie

With Stephanie, one thing is clear – she is seriously passionate about your sleep!

She understands that sleep is fascinating…. but listening to experts talk about its importance can be scary and can actually increase our anxieties about our own sleep, causing sleep problems in itself!

Stephanie takes the no jargon no scaremongering approach – she wants you to feel good about this wonderful thing you have free access to, and never to worry about it.

She wants sleep education to be accessible and believes that if we can change our societal norms around sleep, we can be in control, no more loneliness and no more feeling like your problem is so unique, you have no hope, because this simply isn’t true. Let Stephanie liberate you from all the noise, and make things simple.

Look out for Stephanie's behavioural sleep experts series which Holland and Barrett will be showcasing for the next 12 months, where Stephanie will be giving her expert advice on how to use behavioural sleep support to help improve your sleep problems.


Stephanie has seen over 10,000 sleep patients now, starting her career in the USA at Brigham and Womens Hospital Harvard Sleep Division, studying and conducting experiments in Circadian rhythms, including the infamous blue light research and working with NASA on Mars day studies. She then moved on to a sleep disorders centre in London at Guys and St Thomas Hospital.

She has set up various sleep services for the NHS and has founded Sleepyhead Clinic – a sleep treatment centre for patients, a sleep education training service for medical professionals and is a sleep advisor for various media platforms such as the BBC, ITV, and Sky.

Stephanie has most recently developed an online platform - Sleepyhead Program to bring accessible treatment to even more people. As well as using everything she has learnt over the last 16 years, Stephanie is using cutting-edge AI technology to help inform behaviour and learn from her thus personalising the online experience, her aim to make Sleepyhead Program superior to seeing herself in clinic.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking on Dartmoor to scrabbling up mountains, to paddle boarding in the Scottish Highlands with her dog Pasco.

Areas of expertise

  • Behavioural sleep therapy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Children's sleep
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI)