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How to make your own vegan Easter eggs

Easter is around the corner and if you’re vegan or have a loved one that is, why not have a go at making your own eggs at home? It’s easier and quicker than you think:  in just half an hour you can create a delicious Easter treat that will satisfy the cravings of any chocoholic, vegan or not.

As an added bonus, the raw vegan chocolate solid eggs you make will be much healthier than many of the vegan eggs available in shops.

Before you roll up your sleeves and put your apron on, you’ll need to get yourself some egg moulds and a cooking thermometer.



Step 1
Use a pestle and mortar to grind your salt until fine. Keep to one side.

Step 2
In a mixing bowl, combine the cacao butter with the agave nectar.

Step 3
Use a sieve to add the vanilla powder, cacao powder and salt to the butter mixture.

Step 4
Whisk well using an electric whisk. You want the chocolate mixture to have a smooth consistency.

Step 5
Slowly heat the mixture over a bain marie.

Step 6
Once the chocolate is around 30°C, it’s ready to be poured into your moulds.

Step 7
Place the filled moulds in your fridge to set straight away. Keep any leftover chocolate as you’ll need it to glue the egg halves together later, once the chocolate in the moulds has set.

You can use the same recipe to create hollow eggs but instead of letting them set completely in the fridge, you need to keep a close eye on them and keep spooning out the chocolate in the middle as the chocolate shell sets.

If you want to create extra special eggs, why not add some dried goji berries or dried cranberries to your chocolate shortly before you pour it into the moulds?

Deciding on the wrapping for your eggs can be great fun too. Why not buy some foil in different colours and some ribbon with an Easter design? Your friends and family are bound to appreciate the extra effort you’ve gone to.

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