Rosehip on a bush

5 reasons why you should be using rosehip oil

Are you after soft, supple skin? If so, we’re thrilled let you in on the beauty multitasker with a royal connection Sources have revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge’s incredible, glowing skin is partly down to her using rosehip oil in her beauty routine, as well A-list celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham.

What is rosehip oil?

Rosehips are the fruit that’s left over after roses drop their petals. Organic rosehip oil is cold pressed from certain types of rosehip seeds that grow in South America and Africa. However, unlike the floral scent of roses, the oil has a woody smell.

The benefits

Thanks to ‘The Kate Effect’, rosehip oil is set to join spirulina smoothies as a cult favourite. If Kate Middleton uses a product, sales go through the roof as her fans around the globe hurry to snap up her top picks.

It’s rich in skin-friendly vitamins

Rosehip oil is bursting with vitamins A, C, D and E - antioxidants needed to keep skin youthful and healthy. Their natural anti-inflammatory effect helps protect the skin’s surface.

It could help prevent stretch marks

Commonly caused by pregnancy or sudden weight changes, stop these red or purple lines in their tracks by massaging rosehip oil into the skin to help improve the appearance of stretch marks by 43%

It’s full of wrinkle-fighting fatty acids

You might recognise oleic and linoleic acid from the labels of many bestselling skincare products. Well, rosehip oil naturally contains these essential fatty acids. Valued for their moisturising and anti-aging properties, fatty acids boost skin hydration and restore elasticity to battle fine lines and wrinkles.

It's organic and free from harmful ingredients

During pregnancy, many women avoid using potentially unsafe ingredients like retinoids that can aggravate the skin. And Kate is no different. According to a source close to the Duchess, “Kate is very cautious of products and treatments, baby’s health comes first.” Rosehip oil is a pure plant oil with no added fragrances, colours or preservatives.

It could help reduce the appearance of scars

Rosehip oil’s healing properties are backed by research based on post-surgery scars. Plus, independent clinical studies show that Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil can improve the appearance of a scars by a whopping 41%.

Rosehip Oil

Deeply nourishing yet quickly absorbed, the beauty world continues to fawn over this award-winning 100% organic rosehip seed oil. Free from preservatives, it’s offers intense moisturisation without clogging pores. Suitable for all skin types, apply it to scars, wrinkles and stretch marks for radiant, rejuvenated skin. Shop Rosehip Oil