How to make your own Christmas hamper

A personalised gift containing a few little somethings you know they'll love

Whether you’re stuck in a present-buying rut or just want to give something more unique this year, putting together a personalised Christmas hamper for someone is always a great option. Packed full of individual items, little treats and surprises; it’s bound to hit the mark and you’ll get extra brownie points for effort.

How to construct the perfect hamper:

Decide on a budget

This will dictate the theme and extent of your contents. It might be worth considering who it’s for; you’ll probably want to spend more if it’s for your mum compared to the office secret Santa.

The contents

Make it personal and relevant to the recipient. Would they prefer food, beauty products, a tipple perhaps? Is there anything you know they really like?


Think of something practical that compliments the theme of the hamper. Remember to keep it interesting and exciting though. Good examples include a terracotta plant pot, serving bowl or wooden crate.

Use a filler

This will help make your hamper appear much more presentable. Scrunched up paper works a treat.


Start by choosing a front for your hamper. Then place the largest/tallest items first and arrange the smaller items in around these.


The most popular choice for this is cellophane because it is see-through. For a more unique look try something that suits the theme of your hamper, such as a tea towel for a food themed hamper.

What should I put in the hamper? 

If you’re still struggling for ideas as to what to put in your Christmas hamper, here are just a few suggestions that are sure to go down a treat.

Food and drink


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