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woman applying natural deodorant

6 of the best natural deodorants

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

Got your eye (or should we say, your nose) on a natural deodorant? Going down the natural deodorant route is like rediscovering deodorants all over again – what’s in them, how you use them, how they work and why you should choose this one over that one. You could just grab the first natural deodorant you see. Or you could do your research, starting with this article…

What are natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants are an alternative to ‘normal’ deodorants AKA antiperspirants. Unlike antiperspirants, they don’t contain any synthetic ingredients.

How do natural deodorants work?

Natural deodorants don’t work in the same way as traditional deodorants. Whereas, antiperspirants prevent you from sweating by plugging your sweat glands, natural deodorants neutralise your body odour. This means you still sweat, but the deodorant stops your perspiration from smelling.1

Do they make you smell more?

There are a lot of discussions out there around natural deodorant potentially make your pits pong more than if you were using a normal deodorant. The long and the short of it is, your body goes through a bit of a process when you switch from traditional to natural deodorant. It essentially has to get used to the new natural deodorant. Basically, you have to detox from your antiperspirant, which takes around 30 days. During this time, some people find that their armpits do smell, so immediately think that their natural deodorant isn’t working. This isn’t true, the odour is your body regulating itself again and learning to sweat naturally.2

What types of natural deodorants are there?

Just like normal deodorants, natural deodorants are available in different formats, including:
  • Deodorant spray
  • Deodorant balm
  • Roll on deodorant
  • Deodorant sticks
  • Deodorant cream
Now that we’ve covered the main different formats, scroll down for a list of some of the best natural deodorants around:

6 of the best natural deodorants

  1. Salt of the Earth Deodorant Spray
This 100% natural deodorant is COSMOS natural-certified, unisex and unscented. Formulated without synthetic additives, it’s gentle on skin and made from a mix of natural mineral salts, essential oils and aloe vera. It’s a vegan deodorant too and has been approved by the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society.
  1.  Ben & Anna Deodorant – Sensitive Lime & Lemon
Suitable for men and women, this deodorant features an invigorating lemon and lime scent. Containing natural ingredients and with NATRUE-certification, this deodorant is wrapped in tubes made from FSC-certified paper, making it kind to the environment as well as skin. To apply, push up bottom of the tube with the thumb and then rub a thin layer of the deodorant under the arms.
  1. Earth Conscious – Natural Deodorant Balm
Available in a range of different fragrances, Earth Conscious’ deodorants are formulated using quality, effective ingredients that work together to keep body odour at bay whilst keeping underarms soft and nourished. These deodorants are suitable for men, women and teens.
  1. The Natural Deodorant Co Gentle Deodorant Cream Lavender
Ultra-gentle, buttery soft and amazingly effective, this deodorant cream incorporates a clever combination of magnesium oxide and white clay to provide odour protection and dryness. Available in a range of scents, it’s especially formulated for dry and sensitive skins and contains zero sodium bicarbonate.
  1. Scence Cool Rose Deodorant Balm
A natural underarm deodorant that works and lasts all day. Use daily after showering. Warm the balm against the skin for 2 to 3 seconds then glide to apply. Scence deodorant products are formulated with natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their natural deodorising and nourishing properties.
  1. A'kin Deodorant
Eco-friendly and effective, Australian brand, A’kin’s, geranium and cedarwood deodorant not only control odours, but is kind and caring to skin. The combination of geranium, cedarwood and patchouli oils provide deodorising properties, as well as a fresh and fragrance, leaving underarms feeling and smelling fresh. After cleansing, spray directly on to the underarm area. Found this article useful? Want to learn more about natural deodorants? Or maybe you’d like to have a go at making your own? We talk you through everything you need to know right here. Buy Natural Deodorants Last updated: 9 September 2020 Sourceshttps://www.glamour.com/gallery/best-natural-deodorantshttps://www.byrdie.com/natural-deodorant-that-works
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