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Gents’ guide to skincare

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

It’s not just women who need to have a daily skincare regime. Men who want to look at their best should take time out each day to give their skin some TLC.

Figure out what skin type you have

There are five main skin types and you’ll need to work out which you have as it will help you choose the right kind of products when you go shopping. Here’s a rundown of the different skin types: Dry skin – If you have this then your skin might feel dehydrated, rough and itchy at times. If you wipe it with a tissue some skin might flake off and your cheeks might feel tight. It can easily be irritated so you need to use a moisturiser that has been specially formulated for dry skin. Oily skin – Your skin glands produce more oil than is needed so it’s very important to wipe excess oil off with a tissue every morning and evening, and use an oil-free cleanser. This skin type can be high maintenance as your skin will be shiny and you’ll be more prone to acne. Sensitive skin – Often people with sensitive skin suffer from eczema, rosacea or another skin condition. You need to be very careful when it comes to choosing which cleansers and moisturisers you use on sensitive skin. Face wipes are generally a no-no because they usually contain lots of chemicals that could irritate your skin. Choose products that have been formulated for sensitive skin and if you can, try on a small patch of skin first. Normal skin – In an ideal world, everyone would have normal skin. It’s not too oily or dry and feels soft. Your skin tone is mostly even all over and if you have wrinkles, you don’t have many. You have lots of different options when it comes to choosing skin care products. Combination skin – If your skin doesn’t fall in one of the skin types above, but has oily and dry areas then you have what’s known as combination skin. You will need to treat each area separately if you want your skin to be in top condition.

Must have products

You’ll definitely need a good exfoliator, moisturiser, face wash and aftershave gel. You should start and end each day by washing your face well, using warm water and your chosen face wash. Don’t be tempted to wash your face more than this, as over washing can be bad for your skin. However, if you do exercise during the day, you should wash your face (and the rest of your body) afterwards, no need to wait until bed time. You should try to exfoliate three times a week to help lift any ingrained dirt and grime from your pores and reduce your chances of having an acne breakout. Exfoliating should leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Gently applying a good quality moisturiser twice a day is a must – you don’t need to use much but it’ll protect your skin and leave it looking in tip top condition. Take care when shaving, don’t be too rough. An aftershave gel or lotion will help soothe your skin and keep it hydrated. Extra products Some men with oily or combination skin like to use a toner too as it helps reduce shine. If you’re prone to getting bags under your eyes, then an eye serum might be just the ticket. Shop Men's Skincare
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