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Discover beauty-boosting activated charcoal for normal, oily, sensitive and combination skin

Innovative activated charcoal could be your secret to healthy, beautiful skin. It’s porous properties absorb toxins to deeply cleanse and purify your skin. Whether you have normal, oily, sensitive or combination skin, activated charcoal could become your go-to skin saviour.

What is activated charcoal?

One of the most popular natural beauty product ingredients of the moment, it’s not the same as the black carbon you use to heat your BBQ. Instead, it’s charcoal that’s been supercharged, heated to an extremely high temperature (steam activated at 1000°C) and combined with gases to create a powder that can trap toxins and bacteria like a magnet.

Oily skin

Your skin will look shiny and you’ll be prone to acne as your cells are producing too much sebum (oil). Charcoal can work wonders on oily skin as it removes excess oil, reduces the appearance of existing blackheads and stops new acne from forming. It gives your pores a deep clean, removing dirt and bacteria. Why not swap your existing facial scrub for an activated charcoal version or treat yourself to a charcoal face mask twice a week? If you do end up having a breakout of blackheads or pimples at any time, an activated charcoal nose strip will be able to remove them quickly with minimal fuss.

Sensitive skin

People with this skin type often have eczema, rosacea or another skin condition. Your skin can be easily irritated. With this skin type, you normally need to watch what products you put on your face, but because charcoal is all-natural and super gentle, it should be kind to your skin. If in any doubt, do a small patch test first.

Combination skin

If your face has both oily and dry areas, you have combination skin. The oily areas tend to be the T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin) with the dry areas being the cheeks. This is a very common skin type. If you have combination skin, you should notice a real difference to your T-zone after using a detoxifying cleanser or an activated charcoal mud mask designed for your skin type. Your skin should feel less oily and you should have fewer breakouts. Activated charcoal works hard to balance skin, but make sure you avoid using any charcoal products on your dry areas as you don’t want it stripping out oil that’s already in short supply.

Normal skin

The ideal skin type, normal skin is not too dry or too oily and is soft to touch. With normal skin, you can choose any charcoal beauty product you like to treat your skin to some TLC. Because charcoal removes impurities and toxins, it can be great at removing dirt and residue caused by pollution. Why not carry a packet of activated charcoal facial wipes in your bag, so you can use them whenever you feel like your face needs a refresh? A face sponge infused with activated charcoal could be a great addition to your beauty regime too. For more tips on looking after your skin, have a read of our How to protect your skin whatever the weather and Seven tips to help your skin breathe articles. Handpicked content: 3 natural face masks for glowing skin and relaxation Shop Natural Beauty

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