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Portrait of a young girl without make up doing daily skincare using cotton pad

How to get your daily skincare regime right

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

You might feel like you’re the busiest person on the planet but you still need to have a daily skincare regime, even if you only have a spare 5 minutes every morning and evening.

Find out your skin type

There are 5 different skin types and each one has slightly different needs. The products you choose will depend on whether you have oily, normal, dry, combination or sensitive skin. For instance, if you have oily skin, then you’ll need to avoid products that contain oil as they will make your face look shinier and block up your pores, leading to acne breakouts. Hormonal changes, your stress levels and your diet can also impact its condition. Out of the 5 different skin types, normal skin is the most desirable as it is the easiest to manage and looks great at all times. If you have normal skin, it will be soft to touch and you won’t have oily or dry sections so you won’t be prone to acne or flakiness.

Get the basics right

Every morning and evening, you need to begin by washing your face with warm water. You’ll need a cleanser that’s been designed for your skin type, and when you’re cleansing you should use upward strokes and massage your skin. This should help stop any wrinkles forming. When it comes to washing it off, make sure you use a fresh, warm flannel or muslin cloth and you don’t miss any areas of your face. You should then use a damp cotton wool pad to apply alcohol-free toner to your face Take time to massage in a moisturiser and never, ever, go to sleep whilst still wearing your makeup. If you can, avoid facial wipes as they can irritate your skin. To help keep your skincare products as free from bacteria as possible, try to wash your makeup brushes once a week and never leave the lids off your products, even if you’re in a rush. If you’re going to spending time outside, then wearing a sun cream is a must. You need to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays all year round. It’s recommended that you choose at least factor 15 sun cream, with a UVA rating of 4 or 5 stars. Sun damage can increase your chances of skin cancer and cause your skin to age prematurely too. It’s important to remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day as you want your skin to be hydrated. If you can, try to apply a face mask once a week. There are plenty of natural face masks for you to pick from and they’ll give your skin a big boost.

Don’t overdo it

In the pursuit of a healthy, glowing complexion it’s easy to get carried away with your skincare routine. However when it comes to skin, applying product after product could be counter-productive. How can you make sure your routine isn’t over the top? It’s vital to understand the key signs of overzealous skincare:

Exfoliating too often causes oily skin

Over-exfoliation is a common mistake made by those hoping to combat oily skin; but scrubbing away at your skin may have the opposite effect. Exfoliating too often or too roughly can actually make your skin greasier. As you buff away your skin’s protective layers and too many of its necessary oils, your body produces even more oil to compensate. So next time you grab that facial scrub, bear in mind that oily skin only needs exfoliation twice a week.

Too many products can cause redness and irritation

If you find your skin often appears red or inflamed, it could be a sign that you’re using certain products too often or in excessive amounts. Overloading your skin with strong soaps or harsh ingredients could cause skin irritation as your skin reacts to each product.

Too many products can lead to spottier skin

Overusing rich, heavy products sometimes means you may experience an increase in spots, blackheads and acne. While these products help lock moisture in the skin, they can also clog pores and cause breakouts. Instead, opt for non-comedogenic products which are less likely to block pores.

Piling on too much moisturiser can cause greasier skin

Although moisturising is a key element of any skincare regime, it’s important to select the correct product for your skin type. If you skin feels greasy or oily after applying moisturiser it may be wise to switch your current product for a lighter weight or oil-free alternative. Consult a skincare consultant to help you identify your skin type and choose products that are designed to work best for you. Check out out article on skincare do's and don'ts or find out more about our Natural Beauty range.
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