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How to reduce the appearance of dark circles

23 Nov 2022 • 0 min read

When we’re tired, dark circles are often the first things we notice in the mirror. We took a look at some of the triggers of this common problem and found some handy tips on what you can do to help them disappear: What causes dark circles? Genetics, aging, lack of sleep and allergies often play a major part in how noticeable our dark circles are. People with darker skin may develop deposits of pigmentation under the eye which can appear as darkened patches. Those with fair or thin skin under the eyes may have more visible blood vessels which can show as dark shadows. These shadows can also be caused by the loss of collagen in the skin as we age, which makes the skin thinner. Allergies are another factor, with nasal congestion and constant eye rubbing darkening the area around the eyes as a result of swollen blood vessels. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, not getting enough sleep and a poor diet are also common culprits.  What can you do to reduce dark circles? Although hereditary dark circles will never disappear completely- a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and some beauty tricks can help to make any shadows look much less obvious. With your overall health in mind, try to eat a balanced diet packed with fruit, vegetables and rich in vitamins K and B12. For pigmentation, retinoid creams may help to fade darker areas whilst hydrating eye serums may help reduce the appearance of noticeable blood vessels. However, if you’re after an instant yet temporary camouflage – make-up is the answer. Gently pat a tinted concealer under the eye area to counterbalance the darker tones. Follow with your usual foundation for a dramatic improvement.
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