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ground turmeric and fresh turmeric

Bright and mighty - 4 things turmeric is good for

23 Nov 2022 • 2 min read


Turmeric’s responsible for helping make a lot of good stuff happen. So, if you’ve ever wondered, ‘is turmeric good for you’, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it is. In so many ways.

For more on why turmeric is good for you, keep reading. But before we start focusing on the many reasons why it’s so great – and there really are many – let’s just spend a minute or two quickly explaining what it is.

So, what is it?

It’s a brightly coloured spice (think deep orange) that comes from the turmeric plant.1 

Interestingly, the turmeric plant is related to ginger and originates from India and other parts of Asia and Central America.2 

Using turmeric dates all the way back to 4,000 years ago in India.3 

Historically, it’s mainly been used in Ayurvedic medicine, primarily in South Asia, for many conditions, including breathing problems, rheumatism, serious pain and fatigue.

Turmeric is perhaps best known for being used as a major ingredient in curry powder, giving it its vibrant colour.

It’s the curcuminoids, AKA curcumins, that give turmeric its striking colour, so much so, that they’re often used to colour food and cosmetics.4 

Like most spices, turmeric goes by more than one name - turmeric root and Indian saffron.

However, it’s not to be confused with the Javanese turmeric root either which, despite the reference to turmeric, is something else totally different.5

Why is turmeric good for you?

As we said at the very beginning, this brightly coloured spice can do lots of good for our bodies. For a start: 

Turmeric is good for… inflammation

The curcumins in turmeric have potent anti-inflammatory powers, so much so, that they can help improve the symptoms of arthritis.6

  • According to research carried out on people with rheumatoid arthritis, curcumin is even more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs7
  • What’s more, many other studies have looked at the effects of curcumin on arthritis and noted improvements in various symptoms8

Turmeric is good for… skin health

As well as having anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is also said to have antioxidant properties, making it effective for skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis.9

  • The anti-inflammatory properties can help calm inflamed skin
  • You can also use it, or different variations of it – e.g. face cleansers, skin masks and night creams, within your skincare regimes to regulate oil production, cleanse the skin, and even, reduce facial hair10,11
  • It can be used for acne, thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties that fight pimples and breakouts and can help reduce redness and scarring12
  • For clearer, more glowing skin, why not give our lemon and turmeric face mask a go? You only need three ingredients to create it, it takes just six steps to make and, the good news is, two of them are available from Holland & Barrett!

Turmeric is good for… acid reflux

You may not have put the two together until now, but turmeric can also help with acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems too. 

  • Research into acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease has shown these conditions may be caused by inflammation and oxidative stress and that they can be treated with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories13
  • Turmeric and its extract curcumin are both said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, turmeric may relieve acid reflux14
  • Meanwhile a separate study revealed that the anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin prevented oesophageal inflammation15

Turmeric is good for… fighting depression

It’s believed that curcumin can potentially help ease depression and enable antidepressants to work better.16

  • Some studies says there’s a connection between depression and chronic inflammation and that chronic inflammation and depression can aggravate one another17
  • It’s thought that antioxidants, such as curcumin, can help relieve the symptoms of depression by fighting the chronic inflammation that’s been highlighted by wider research18

Still intrigued about turmeric? We’re not surprised, there’s a whole lot more to this spice than giving curry powder its distinctive colour! For more background information about turmeric, have a read of this article, ‘Turmeric: overview, benefits, dosage, side-effects’

In the meantime, if you’re planning to incorporate turmeric into your life some more, than take a look at our range of turmeric products.

Just as turmeric does a lot more than you think it might, it’s also available in so many different options too – as juices, oral sprays, shampoo, conditioner, serums, tea, powder, capsules, clay masks, soap, face wash, as an essential oil, and many more.

Last updated: 10 June 2021


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