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Why is it harder for some people to lose weight more than others?

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

If weight loss is a simple case of calories in vs calories out, why do some people seem to lose weight more easily than others?

Are your numbers accurate?

To lose weight, you must be accurate with your data. You need to know how much you are eating, how many calories you are consuming, and how much activity you are doing. It is not enough to just guess. Even the best guesstimate could be out by 10% or more, and this can quickly add up. Unless you know that your diet and activity data is accurate, you can’t hope to lose weight at your expected rate. Most people underestimate their calories and overestimate their activity levels. Get used to tracking and understanding your diet and exercise data.

Food quality is important

When you want to lose weight, the quality of your food becomes extra important. People who are successful at losing weight (and keeping it off) eat a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and fibre. They pay attention to protein levels, starchy complex carbohydrates, and healthy essential fats. Just because a food fits your calorie allowance, does not mean it is optimal for weight loss. Good quality food choices will be better for your body, and will make it easier for you to stick to your diet. Browse healthy recipe ideas

Muscle mass matters

If someone has more muscle mass than you, they are likely to lose more weight (whilst eating more calories). This is because muscle is directly related to metabolic rate and the amount of energy your body burns. As you diet for weight loss, include some form of strength training in your weekly workout routine. Not only will this help you lose more weight, but it will shape and strengthen your physique.

Treats and cheats can wipe out your hard work

Are you being honest about your off-plan eating? Cheat meals, treats, and all those little extras soon add up and can easily wipe out the calorie deficit you have worked so hard to achieve. People who lose weight are usually those who are most consistent and stick to their diet.

Everyday movement adds up

Active people find it easier to lose weight. Manual jobs and busy days keep calorie burn high without needing to even think about the gym. Every little every day movement helps, from being on your feet more often, to walking the dog and running around after small children. Try to move more in your everyday life and the weight will come off. Handpicked content: 19 really easy ways to fit exercise into your daily routine

Weight loss behavioural habits

The behavioural side of weight loss can’t be ignored. People who are successful at losing weight tend to be able to change their everyday habits to support weight loss. These habits include healthy cooking and eating, and replacing old comfort-eating habits. Handpicked content: 3 ways to break a bad habit Boost your weight loss efforts with our Weight Management range.  
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