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    Most of us live busy lives and managing our weight is just one more thing to think about on our never-ending to-do lists.

    SlimExpert is a range of meal replacement shakes, porridges and weight management shots which are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

    Just pop the sachets in your gym bag or handbag for use when you are on the go.

    The SlimExpert weight management supplements and meal replacements contain a combination of essential nutrients which help you to manage your weight in a healthy way. You may also find that they help you to snack less.

    SlimExpert provides happy weight management, designed around your lifestyle.

    All of the SlimExpert weight management supplements contain an intelligent blend of glucomannan, chromium and inulin.

    Extra natural ingredients are added to each product for added nourishment.

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    Our formulations are suitable for anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

    The base of all SlimExpert supplements has claims which have been approved by the European Food Safety Authority, which include:

    • Helping your body to metabolise macronutrients healthily
    • Maintaining normal blood glucose levels
    • Supporting overall weight loss

    The best ways to keep your body at a healthy weight are always backed by science. That is why SlimExpert has been developed with strong scientific principles at its core.

    SlimExpert products contain dietary fibre which helps to keep you feeling fuller. This helps to stop you making unhealthy choices throughout the day and can help to prevent snacking.

    And speaking of snacking – our products help to maintain blood sugar levels.

    They also contain trace minerals including chromium. Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

    We recommend that you use SlimExpert in the context of an energy restricted diet, as in this context, the glucommanan included in the products contributes to weight loss.

    At Holland & Barrett, we take health seriously which is why we have sourced the highest quality ingredients and extensively researched weight management supplements, to ensure that the SlimExpert range is as effective as possible.

    The formulas used have won a number of awards, including Best Functional Ingredient for Health and Wellbeing 2017, from Food Matters Live as well as Weight Management Ingredient of the Year 2018, from Nutraingredients Awards, Geneva.

    This full range of weight management products contains shots, meal replacement shakes and porridges.


    Swap your regular breakfast for one of our SlimExpert porridges.

    Eaten hot or cold, depending on your preference, this porridge is available in two delicious flavours – golden syrup and apple cinnamon. This will be sure to keep you going until lunch time!

    Meal replacement shakes

    The SlimExpert meal replacement shakes can be substituted for your usual lunch.

    With chocolate, vanilla and strawberry recipes, there’s a shake to suit everyone.

    Weight management shots

    Quick and easy to take, these shots are dissolved in a small amount of water and then taken 30 minutes before meals.

    They are available in three different variants including the standard raspberry flavour.

    The +DIGEST formulation has additional digestive support from aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, liquorice and 3 billion friendly bacteria.

    The +THERMO formula has added guarana, green tea extract and garcinia cambogia, which provides additional fat oxidisation support for increased metabolism.

    The shots come in individual sachets ready to take anywhere. They are easy to take with you to the gym or to work and they come in a 21 or 28 day bundle, so you can choose whichever size suits you best.

    Why not give SlimExpert a try today and see if it can help you on your weight loss journey?

    What our customers have to say

    Love this - genuinely filling and reduced amount you can eat. Haven’t used a product like this before. Went and bought 5 more boxes!

    Thermo Strawberry & Lime Flavour 21 Sachets

    Very enjoyable tasty drink and helps as part of a slimming aid would recommend.

    Raspberry Flavour 21 Sachets

    Stop me binge eating. No longer have the desire to over eat for the first time.

    Pineapple Flavour 28 Day Bundle

    Introducing SlimExpert, our brand-new range of easy-to-use and affordable weight management supplements.

    Backed by strong scientific principles and clinical trials, these innovative supplements have been proven to help you manage your weight while nourishing your body at the same time.

    We strongly believe that keeping your weight in check should not leave you feeling hungry and unhealthy.

    That is why each tasty SlimExpert supplement is made from a patented blend of glucomannan, inulin and chromium, as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

    This blend helps your body to feel between meals, supports your metabolism and  contributes to maintenance of normal blood sugars.

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