Weleda’s mission: to maintain, enhance and restore the health of people
Ever since 1921, Weleda have been researching and developing nature-inspired products to help people maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From the back-stage favourite Weleda Skin Food and Weleda Body Butter, to gentle Weleda Baby Bath and Weleda Baby Body Cream, Weleda make world-leading natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for anthroposophical therapy.

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    Who are Weleda?

    Weleda were first established in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own medicinal plant garden and have since grown to be world-renowned manufacturers of holistic natural cosmetics.

    Weleda’s main aim: to maintain, enhance and restore the health of people. Their founding principles were focussed on supporting people in their personal development by promoting and restoring their health so they can feel good and live a balanced lifestyle.

    How can Weleda help me?

    Weleda Skin Care Range: Weleda believe that the skin care we choose should reflect our age, and what that means for our skin. Their unique ‘Lead Plant Philosophy’ has helped them to create a range of super-nutritional regimes that support your skin as you live your life, always preparing it for the next stage, e.g., the Weleda Iris Range contains iris root extract that is excellent for regulating and balancing hormonal, young skin

    Weleda Baby Range: Weleda are passionate about making baby skin care products that give your baby’s skin the gentle help and protection it needs, using the power of nature. They use Calendula extract in the baby range, including the products Weleda Baby Body Cream and Weleda Nappy Creamwhich are perfect for sensitive young skin.

    Sustainable Weleda

    As well as wanting humans to flourish, Weleda support the environment, believing that nature is just as important. Sustainability is part of the company’s roots, as can be seen through their fair trade and biodynamic cultivation.

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