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In the same way that vegan food does not contain any animal products, vegan beauty products also swap out animal ingredients for a wide range of plant-based alternatives.

Cruelty-free means that the products and the ingredients used in the product were not tested on animals at any stage during their development. Cruelty-free products will have been audited by organisations such as Cruelty Free International or PETA to gain their cruelty-free accreditation.

Plant-based beauty products are not only great for our skin but they are also great for sustainability and the environment too.

With vegan beauty products there is no need for deforestation to make room for farmed animals, and there is no pollution from animal by-products.

Waterless beauty are cosmetics and skincare brands which are committed to using less water, both within the composition of their products and the manufacturing processes used to produce them.

Water is frequently used as an inexpensive base ingredient. However, with the United Nations predicting that the demand for water will soon outstrip supply, the demand for waterless beauty is making big waves. Pun very much intended!

Waterless beauty is not just about products containing less water, it also means that less water is needed to use the products too.

It is also thought that reducing the water content will increase the potency of skincare products, so that they will have a great efficacy on the skin.

For packaging to be classed as sustainable, it must be either refillable, made from recycled materials or easily recycled.

All of these things help to reduce the environmental impact and ecological footprint of the products.

Single use plastics are out and renewable and recyclable packaging is in.