Picklecoombe House Manuka & Rewarewa Blend Active 5+


Picklecoombe House Manuka & Rewarewa Blend Active 5+


Picklecoombe House Manuka & Rewarewa Blend Active 5+ is a blend of Manuka and Rewarewa honey from New Zealand. Rewarewa honey has a toffee like taste and makes an excellent Manuka blend that still keeps the special properties of the Manuka intact. Honeydew is a rich, full bodied honey from the Black Beech forests of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Honeydew honey has a malty, woody flavour that is not overly sweet with a rich dark amber colour. It is a thick, smooth honey that will stay liquid and not crystallise easily. Picklecoombe House is a working Apiary based in Leicestershire UK and specialises in honey and honey products from all over the world.

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Not suitable for infants under 12months.


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Manuka Honey & Rewarrewa Blend 250g, Beach Honeydew Honey 250g, 1 X Wooden Honey dipper spoon.