Christmas hamper

The perfect Christmas hamper filled with baked treats

To us, a great Christmas hamper is the centrepiece under a tree, and we are here to give you advice on creating one that your friends and family will love. With money being tight for many over Christmas, creating a hamper filled with baked treats doesn’t just save money, it shows you’ve spent time and effort creating something extra special.

First of all you need to buy a basket. One of the best places to get one is a garden centre but keep a look out in charity shops too. Once you’ve purchased your basket, you can decorate the inside or bottom of it anyway you like, adding glitter and Christmas themed paper to fill it out.

Once you’ve decorated the basket it’s time to fill it. You can put anything you like in it but we have a few suggestions to get you going.

  • Edible Christmas decorations always go down well, such as gingerbread tree decorations
  • You can never go wrong with crusty bread and cheese at Christmas. Add some delicious cranberry chutney to go with it
  • If you really want to create the perfect baked Christmas hamper you should to include a Christmas cake. Our Ultimate Christmas Cake recipe is delicious and simple
  • You’ll want to include a party snack in the hamper, such as spicy almonds
  • No hamper is complete without a chocolate treat, and chocolate log will satisfy even the sweetest of tooth
  • We are firm believers that a hamper should contain something to wash all those baked treats down and mulled wine/apple juice is the Christmas drink of choice in our eyes. Just add a nice bottle of red wine or fresh apple juice and a bag of Christmas spices to the hamper

Whatever you decide to put in your hamper, we are sure that it will make a special gift for someone this Christmas.

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