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Environmental & Vegan cleaning products

02 Jun 2023

A growing number of people are becoming more and more concerned about harsh chemicals in cleaning products, how their products are made and how the products impact the environment.

This, coupled with a growing vegan movement, means that more people than ever are looking for low-impact, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

What are vegan cleaning products?

The vegan society states that “veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude - as far as is possible and practicable - all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”1

This is reasonably clear in terms of what vegans do and do not eat, but what this means for household product use might be less apparent.

By this definition, veganism extends into avoiding animal derived products and those tested on animals. Nowadays you can find great ranges of vegan cleaning products and supplies. To find out more about veganism, have a read of our Health Hub articles Why go vegan?  and Everything you need to know about veganism. For products to meet Vegan Trademark standards, they are required to have no animal ingredients, derivatives or by-products in any stage of production, and no animal testing within the company itself, on its behalf, or by parties over whom the company has effective control.2

What environmental and cruelty free cleaning products should I use?

If you are looking for vegan or cruelty free cleaning products, it makes sense to always check the labels.

As well as the Vegan Trademark, Cruelty Free International is another certification you may spot.

It is the leading organisation that certifies products that do not test on animals.3 You may recognise their “Leaping Bunny” seal of approval on products, though other certifications are available. Whether you are looking for a shower spray cleaner, vegan furniture polish, or a cruel free toilet cleaner, check out Holland & Barrett’s household cleaning range.

Our green cleaning products offer everything you need to keep your home looking great, with ingredients that are friendly on your skin, home and the planet.

What are the best cleaning products?

The cleaning products you choose for your cleaning needs is always a personal decision.

Perhaps you are selecting eco or vegan cleaning products for their smell, their effectiveness, their price, eco-credentials, or all of the above.

Method cleaning products

This ever-popular range of colourful, deliciously-fragranced, cruelty-free cleaning products, offer a cleaning solution for everything.

The Method cleaning products include a great ylang-ylang daily shower spray and a rhubarb antibac all purpose Method cleaner.

What other vegan cleaning products should I use?

Your collection of eco cleaning products does not need to stop at surface sprays.

You can even get a large 5 litre container of Ecover Floor Cleaner or Ecover Toilet Cleaner, which would also save on refill packaging.

Ecover and many other products are certified with a “Leaping Bunny”, so you can shop with us and stock up on cruelty free cleaning products, right down to cruelty free toilet cleaner.

How do I use green and cruelty free cleaning products?

One of the great things about these cleaning products is that they can be simpler to use than conventional cleaners.

They sometimes require less rinsing, as their ingredients are selected to be as safe as possible for use in all rooms in your home, including the kitchen.

The company behind Method cleaner, proudly says that “if there’s a chance an ingredient isn’t safe, we don’t use it.”4

Do have a read of the labels though, and the specific details of how to use each product will be on there. Do not assume it is the same as traditional cleaning products!

And if you are looking for tips on how to clean your home and what tasks to do when, then check out How often should you clean your house? for some ideas.

Why switch to eco-friendly and vegan cleaning products?

You might find the fragrances more pleasant, or perhaps the knowledge that you are using something better for people and planet.

Maybe you realise that changing cleaning products to those that are less irritating, helps reduce flare ups in conditions such as asthma or eczema.5,6Discover more benefits of using environmentally friendly household products . Whether you just switch your washing up liquid, add in a vegan furniture polish, or go the whole hog and change your entire arsenal of cleaning products, we are sure that the switch will bring a little more pleasure to the cleaning process! Shop Household Products

Last updated: 1st February 2021

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