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Benefits of using sea salt hairspray

21 Apr 2021 • 1 min read

Sea salt spray gives your hair the texture and body that a swim in sea brings, without the trip to the beach or the cold-water plunge!

Whether you are trying to mimic your hair’s style after a recent beach visit or introducing a bit of summer on a cold winter’s day, a salt water hair spray can bring you beach hair spray in a bottle.

Feel like you are on holiday year-round with beachy-textured hair, whatever your hair length, type or condition.

Sea salt spray for hair has grown in popularity for a wide variety of hair styling, and because it is so versatile and easy to use, it is now an essential product to be included in all haircare routines!

Sea salt spray for curly hair

Sea salt spray is a perfect one-stop solution for naturally taming and making the most of curls or thick wavy hair.

It enhances your hair’s waves and curls, and more definition in your curls means less frizz.

If you find your curls are prone to static, then sea salt will help your hair to hold better, meaning you may not need to use many other styling products.1

Sea salt hair spray for fine or limp hair

Many people with fine, limp or thin hair turn to salt spray because it gives their hair more volume and body without making it crunchy, heavy or sticky.

It also gives hair a bit more grip, so can help you style hair where it might otherwise slip through your fingers and not hold a style.

The texture that sea salt hair spray brings can help your hair to be more manageable, and stops your hair falling flat immediately after styling.

And if waves are what you are looking for, to add body and movement, using a sea salt spray is a great way to get wavy hair without heat.

Salt spray for short hair

Salt spray is not only great for long, luscious locks. It is a brilliant styling product for short and funky styles too.

Spray a little onto your hair and work it through with your fingertips, and you will notice your short hair will hold its style, without the sticky or crunchy feeling associated with some other styling products.

Keeping your hair styled between washes with salt spray

Sea salt spray can help your hair absorb oil, which can extend the time between washes and help it keep its style for longer.2

So as well as being a great way to style your freshly washed locks, if you are trying to cut down on hair washes or you are pushed for time but still want stylish locks, try applying a little salt spray to squeeze in another day between washes.

How should I apply sea salt spray?

Spray on sparingly and work it in with your fingers. It can be easier to make sure the salt spray is distributed evenly around your hair when your hair is wet, so just after washing is often a great time to apply it.

However, some people find they get a better idea of how much to use by applying it to dry hair, scrunching it as they go and adding more as required.

If it is volume you are after, try tipping your head upside down and applying to the roots and shaking it through your hair with your fingers.

Mix it up – try using it in different ways and see what works for your hair type and style.

Some prefer the results when hair dries naturally, others love how sea salt spray compliments the use of other heat styling tools.

Even a bit of spray on hair after styling can help to break down heat-styled curls into more natural waves.3

Try spritzing before braiding or styling your hair, so that you can hold onto your hair better.

A quick spray after creating your up-dos can help hold styles in place without the hard or solid feeling that some hairsprays bring.

Buying the best sea salt spray

Sea salt spray contains salt and sometimes other ingredients to help make the most of your hair’s condition.

Shop our range of natural hair care products, including sea salt hair sprays, and find new ways to experiment with your hair styling and treatments.

You will also find hair oils, colouring products and shampoos and conditioners here, so your hair care regime and style can be as individual as you are!

Last updated: 6 April 2021


Doaa Al Mosawi


International Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate

Joined Holland & Barrett: March 2019

BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science

After completing her BSc in Biomedical Science, Doaa worked in Research and laboratory for 3 years. Doaa was also a member of a product development team in a manufacturing company specialising in sun care and personal care products, researching and providing regulatory advice regarding international regulations.

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