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woman applying sea salt spray to curl her hair naturally

How to get naturally curly hair

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

Styling your hair can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it comes to curls. Naturally straight-haired people can do plenty with their locks, but getting it to curl can be an issue without the help of tools. If you have straight hair and you’re wondering how to get curly hair naturally, then this guide can show you exactly you need to do.

What causes curly hair?

If you have curly hair, you’ll know that caring for it can be notoriously difficult. Unlike straight or wavy hair types, curly hair can come with its own set of challenges, namely an increased risk of breakage, frizz, and dryness. But what causes hair to become curly in the first place? All hair has two major components: the shaft and the follicle. The shaft is the part of the hair that’s visible, while the follicle lies within the skin on our scalp and acts as an anchor, holding it in place. Each of these features determine the shape of our hair, with round follicles resulting in straight hair and hooked ones giving you curly hair1. The angle at which your hair grows can also affect its curliness, with angled strands leading to curly hair. This is because of the way the protein molecules – such as keratins – build up, as they become uneven and collect in the curl of your hair, increasing its curliness.

How to get curly hair without using styling tools

If you’re thinking of ditching those straight locks for a bit of curl, then here’s a few tips on how to do it without having to use styling tools.2
  1. Twist wet hair with a towel
After you’ve showered, use a towel to press and twist the hair instead of rubbing it back and forth. Doing so will reduce the risk of moving the hair follicles upwards, which can create frizz in the hair. The ‘twist’ provides a gentler method which can preserve the curves and add volume.
  1. Avoid using a hairbrush
Brushes can be your best friend, but if you’re after some curls then set it aside. A brush can cause breakage and take out the natural shape of the curl, so make sure to avoid using one if you want to see results.
  1. Be wary of ‘anti-frizz’ products
Certain shampoos and conditioners are designed to remove your frizz, but be careful as some of them can hinder your curls.
  1. Don’t neglect to mousse
You can never underestimate a good mousse. They’re packed full of proteins that can strengthen and nourish the hair, giving you a curl without that ‘hard’ feeling. Consider using styling products such as Naturtint Styling Foam next time to give your hair volume and hold.
  1. Say hello to salt sprays
Breath a bit of life into your ‘do with your new best friend, salt spray. Adding a touch to either dry or damp hair will reinvigorate it instantly, giving you a flexible and windblown waves. Shop Hair Care Last updated: 2 June 2020 Sourceshttps://www.oglf.org/what-makes-hair-curly-or-straight/https://www.elle.com/uk/beauty/hair/articles/a33387/ten-ways-to-get-curly-hair-without-hair-straighteners-or-curling-tongs/
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