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moroccan argan oil

Moroccan oil benefits

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

If you like to keep on top of your haircare, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Moroccan oil. Popular in salons and raved about by bloggers, the unique qualities of this oily substance can leave your hair looking vibrant, nourished and with just-the-right-amount of moisture. Moroccan oil is also known as Argan oil, and is widely referred to as ‘liquid gold’. It’s naturally occurring, and the distinct blend of ingredients are said to boost both skin and hair. One of the best things about Moroccan oil is that you can use it on both wet and dry hair, to achieve differing results. It’s also suitable for a range of hair types, including curlier hair.

What are the benefits of Moroccan oil?

Argan oil is thought to have been used in some form for centuries, and many of those who use it report that their hair looks healthier as a result. Some Moroccan oil benefits are:
  • It can help hydrate and revitalise hair. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Moroccan oil can soften your hair and bring it to life. It’s also thought to increase elasticity, which could bring a healthy shine to hair that has become dull.
  • It could provide some UV protection. The sun’s rays can dry out and lighten our hair. By using Moroccan oil, you’ll put an extra layer of defence between your hair and the sunshine.
  • It helps with split ends. When used, Moroccan oil is absorbed into the hair shaft. This is thought to provide some strengthening, which may lead to fewer split ends as a result.
  • It can help with controlling frizz. The oily nature of this substance can make hair softer and easier to work with.
  • It can speed up blow-drying. Once run through wet hair and worked in with combing, Argan oil helps stop your hair getting tangled again, making a blow-dry more manageable.

How use Moroccan oil

Wet hair

Most people who use Argan oil choose to apply it to wet hair. For this, any pure Argan oil product should do the trick.
  • Step 1: Apply the oil to the ends of your hair and begin to work it through. Don’t first apply to the roots/scalp as this can leave hair looking greasy.
  • Step 2: Once worked through, leave your hair to dry or blow-dry as you usually would.
  • Step 3: Enjoy the finished result – smooth and radiant-looking hair!

Dry hair

Those who use Moroccan oil on dry hair usually do so as it helps with styling. Something like a Moroccan Oil Argan Oil Treatment Serum can work wonders for this, helping you get that look you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Step 1: Begin working the treatment serum into the ends of your hair, while avoiding the scalp area to avoid an oily effect.
  • Step 2: Go about your usual styling routine and spot the difference when you’re done!

Curly hair

Moroccan oil is a favourite among people with frizzy hair, as it helps detangle when wet and can leave curls looking volumised and healthy.
  • Step 1: Rub a small amount of Argan oil between your hands.
  • Step 2: Run your hands through the wet hair, with a particular focus on the curliest parts of your hair, which will be the ends and layers.
  • Step 3: Allow to dry as you normally would and enjoy the results. Argan oil can also be used on frizzier hair dry as a finishing product, which will add shinier look to your curls.
If you’d love to see what Moroccan oil can do for your locks, browse our Moroccan Argan oil products today. Shop Hair Oils Last updated: 1 June 2020  
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