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The ‘No Poo’ method FAQs

Have you heard of the ‘No Poo’ method? It’s a haircare method for people who want to transition to a more natural haircare routine. Now we’re not advocating it or rejecting it, we just want to help you explore it.

The main goal for most people following the method is to completely cut out chemical-laden shampoos, with some ditching all shampoo for good. But why? Good question! Find the answer below along with other ‘No Poo’ method FAQs.

Do people using the No Poo method wash their hair?

Yes, they do, just in a different way to most of us. Instead of regular shampoo, they turn to natural ingredients to keep their hair clean and healthy. Some of these include baking soda, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, soap nuts and rye flour, or even just plain water. Read about how to make some No Poo-friendly shampoo here.

Another thing people do while using the No Poo method is cleansing their hair. You can do this by detangling your hair with a comb or your fingers, then massaging the roots with your (clean) fingertips for 5-10 minutes and finally brushing the oil through to the ends. This helps to distribute the natural oils on your scalp down to the rest of your hair.

What’s wrong with normal shampoo?

Have you ever looked at the back of a normal shampoo bottle to read the ingredients? The lists can get pretty wild, with ingredients like synthetic fragrances, SLS, parabens and alcohol, amongst other chemicals. The No Poo-ers would rather go without and use their natural alternatives instead.

They also shun the idea that your hair needs chemicals in order to be healthy. Commercial shampoo is great for removing dirt from your hair, but it is also great at removing the hair’s natural oils. When the hair is stripped of its natural oils, the production becomes unbalanced and can cause the scalp to produce too much oil. This can result in greasy hair that needs to be washed more often – do you see the cycle? That’s what the No Poo method wants to break.

But wont my hair be smelly and greasy?

You should still be washing your hair, but with natural products as we explained above, so your hair shouldn’t be greasy. If you transition to just water straight away then yes it might do in the beginning, so a gradual transition may be better.

You might not get the fancy smells of your favourite shampoo from the likes of baking soda, etc. but you can compromise. Try adding natural scents like essential oils to your No Poo shampoos, it can be fun trying out different combinations, like your own little shampoo lab!

I exercise a lot, can I No Poo?

Yep! Instead of using shampoo on the daily after you’ve got all sweaty, simply use the water-only method and then use an alternative shampoo once or twice a week. Your hair will be relieved after being used to all that washing with conventional shampoo.

How about if I go swimming in a pool or in the sea?

Chlorine is a bit of an issue, as your hair likes to soak it up while you’re swimming, making it very important to get it out after your swim-sesh. If you don’t fancy using a swimming cap, simply wet your hair with regular water before you get in the pool and use any No Poo shampoo alternative except ones with baking soda in. The same thing goes for salt water – rinse your hair with non-salty water before you get sea water – it’s can actually be quite beneficial for your hair. Then make sure you rinse with normal water after your swim. If it’s a bit dry, use a conditioning treatment like a DIY avocado hair mask to revive it back to its beautiful best.

Can I No Poo if I have curly hair?

If you have curly hair, you already know it takes a little more looking after than straight hair, so is the No Poo method suitable? Yes, in fact curly hair thrives when you wash it less, there’s just a few alterations you will have to make.

  • Avoid castile soap and baking soda – they’re far too harsh for curly hair
  • Use a deep conditioner regularly
  • De-tangle your hair and pull the oil through to the ends using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush

Can I use dry shampoo?

Yes, dry shampoo can be very useful for the No Poo process. Try making your own dry shampoo, though, so you can keep it consistent with your No Poo method.

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Last updated: 29 April 2020

Sources: https://thenopoomethod.com/start-here/


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