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mature woman wearing foundation

The best foundation for mature skin

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

Skin requirements change throughout our lifetime, from teenhood and pregnancy to middle age and beyond, and the way you treat yours will make all the difference when it comes to appearance. If you’re finding your old favourite foundation doesn’t work so well on your skin anymore, or you’re looking to choose the perfect product for you, you can find all the help you might need right here. Read on as we explore what makes the best foundation for mature skin.

What happens to skin as it ages?

As we age, the condition and appearance of our skin changes. There’s no avoiding the effects of ageing on the skin. While it’s something many people look to with concern, mature skin should also be considered a sign of a life well-lived. The signs of skin ageing include wrinkles, other fine lines and sagging, and an increasing number of freckles and pigmentation caused by sunlight1.

How to reduce the effects of ageing

While it would be impossible to maintain your 20-year-old skin into your later years, there are some things you can do to minimise the effects of ageing on your skin.
  • Always wear SPF on your face, even in winter
  • Stay out of strong sunlight
  • Establish a skincare routine that works for you
  • Always moisturise before bed
  • Cut out smoking
  • Reduce or cut out alcohol intake

What is the best foundation type for mature skin?

While you might want to reach for the full-coverage, mattifying foundation to conceal wrinkles or blemishes on mature skin, these types of products can often miss the mark. Heavy formulas with a matt finish often settle into lines, making them more noticeable than they are. If you’re trying to cover age spots and pigmentation, you might still lean towards a dense formula. While some full-coverage foundations work for mature skin, the best way to keep using your favourite product is to apply a rich moisturiser before your foundation. Your moisturiser can help counteract the drying effects of a mattifying foundation. The best type of foundation for mature skin often helps counteract dryness that comes with age. Look out for hydrating or satin-finish liquid foundations with a water-based formula. Products with a dewy finish can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and make skin appear more youthful2.

Choosing the right product

These are some of our favourite foundation products for mature skin. Everything in our collection is natural, so you can be sure you’re only using the best ingredients on your skin. Explore our full collection of natural foundations and choose a product that suits you best. You can find a range of lightweight and fuller coverage formulas as well as primers, moisturisers, and the tools to apply your product when you browse our selection. Shop Foundation Last updated: 1 June 2020 Sources
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