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A women washing her face

How to wash your face properly

23 Nov 2022 • 0 min read

Washing your face may seem simple, but there’s more to it than just splashing your face with soap and water. Taking care to remove dirt, bacteria and makeup is essential for a glowing complexion. Here’s the rundown on how to cleanse your face and keep your skin looking its best. Choose the right face wash for your skin type While most soaps, cleaners and cleansers are designed to do the same job, milder formulations may be kinder as they don’t strip away your skin’s natural oils. Those with dry skin should avoid products containing alcohol as these can dry skin out even more. If your skin tends to be oily, choose water-based cleansers over oil-based products. Take off any makeup Simply washing your face may not remove make-up completely, with stubborn mascaras and eye liner often needing extra effort. Before washing, use a cotton pad to wipe your face with makeup remover or cleansing solution, taking care to remove any residue. Wash with lukewarm water Avoid using hot water as it can dry out delicate facial skin. Instead rinse your face with lukewarm water which is gentler but loosens dirt more effectively than cold water. Start by lightly dampening your face and you’re ready to begin washing! Use gentle circular motions Massage your chosen face wash into your skin using gentle circular motions, paying particular attention to your nose, forehead, chin and hairline. These areas tend to produce more oil and sweat throughout the day so need a more thorough cleanse. Continue massaging for up to a minute until all dirt and oil is removed. Take care to rinse Next, splash your face, hairline, chin and ears with lukewarm water to wash away any cleanser. Rushing your rinse risks leaving soap residue behind which can build up and clog pores leading to spots and blackheads. Pat dry instead of rubbing Finish by gently dabbing your face with a clean, dry towel. It might be tempting to rub, but harsh rubbing can irritate dry or sensitive skin.
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