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S05 E01 | 49m | Menopause, beauty & diversity

27 Jan 2023 • 10 min read


Hear Ateh talk about authenticity, make-up as meditation, loving yourself ‘ferociously’ – and why the menopause should be embraced, not feared.

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“Choice is equality”

Celebrating diverse beauty with Ateh Jewel 

Where there’s beauty, there’s Dr Ateh Jewel! She’s spent 20 years showing us that beauty isn’t just one box: it’s woven with culture, history, and power. 

We begin our new season joined by Ateh, who today is a journalist, broadcaster, diversity advocate, and creator of the Dr Ateh Jewel Education Foundation. 

Having faced discrimination throughout her career, Ateh has worked to “pass the baton” towards a more inclusive generation of beauty. 

Along with our host, Dr Gemma Newman, she discusses dressing bright, celebrating age, and asking the uncomfortable questions that make people listen. 

What we talk about in the episode...

‘The menopause is empowering’


‘Beauty is meditation’


‘Do what you love’


‘Being your authentic self is enough’


'Walk through menopause with pride and power’


‘What wellness means to me’


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Ateh’s beauty guide for menopausal skin

Women’s skin changes during menopause. ‘You can get acne like you’re going through your teens again, or maybe you never had it. Your skin can suddenly get dry and sensitive.’

Here’s what to try:


Tune in

‘Be intuitive. Many people in their 40s and 50s grew up with the “cleanse tone moisturise” mindset. It’s more listening to: what does my skin need today? It can change week, by week, month by month day by day.’


Upgrade your moisturiser

For menopausal skin, she advises a retinol, and the right level moisturiser. ‘What worked 10 years ago might not be great for your skin now: think about using a thicker, heavier moisturiser.’


Use serums

‘I would also layer on serums. These are the juice shots of skincare, packed full of ingredients. Look for vitamin C, or hyaluronic acid, which pumps in radiance and moisture.’


Lightly exfoliate

This means ‘your skin can receive all these delicious, juicy ingredients.’

Discover more about Ateh and her new beauty range, launching next year, at and on Instagram @atehjewel.

She has a chat club every Wednesday and Friday on Instagram Live.

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Author: Ateh JewelBeauty Journalist, Broadcaster & Adversity Advocate

HonD in Media, Solent University

Dr Ateh Jewel is a multi award winning journalist, producer, director, influencer and diversity advocate. 

She has been in the industry for 20 years specialising in beauty, social commentary and campaigning for more diversity in the beauty industry.

In her spare time, Ateh enjoys spending time with her husband and their 11 year old twin daughters at their home in the cotswolds. She also enjoy’s ballet and working on creating awareness for her charity the ‘Dr Ateh Jewel Education Foundation’. 

“Seeing is believeing, which is why inclusivity and diversity is so important! Diversity is a win win for everyone”


Professional Accomplishments

  • Olay Ambassador 
  • Marie Claire Columnist
  • Wylde Moon Columnist 

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