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The best protein powder for you

02 Jun 2023


No matter what your goal is, or what flavours you prefer, there’s a powder for you.

Whether you’re using protein to supplement your training regime, slim down or bulk up, find the bes protein with our guide below.

Best for the beginner

If you’re just starting out and not sure what protein powder to go for, get started with a whey powder. The most common powder out there, whey comes in so many different flavours, so the hardest part is finding your favourite.

  • Try Precision Engineered Whey Protein for a full profile of amino acids required for muscle maintenance and growth. Chose from the classic vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavours. Or, discover cookies and cream, banana, salted caramel, sticky toffee or pumpkin spice.

Best protein for women

Protein is for everyone. However, there are blends out there that have been especially designed for women.
  • Try Free Soul. All of their range has been produced by a nutritionist, specifically with women in mind to support hormonal balance, mood, energy and a healthy metabolism. They’re also packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Available in both vegan and whey blends.

Best for the keto worshiper

Keto friendly supplements are hard to come by, so you’ll have already experienced the struggle of finding a low-carb alternative. Most give up trying to find something suitable, but if you are wanting to try something to supplement your keto diet with…
  • Try About Time. They’ve created a Keto Shake with only 5g of net carbs per serving, 11g of protein and 19g of fat with MCTs and bovine collagen. Satisfy your taste buds with a salted caramel, chocolate coconut or vanilla caramel keto shake.

Best for the plant-based

If you’re looking for plant-based gains, look for pea, rice or soy-based proteins. With more and more professional athletes choosing to go plant-based, it’s no surprise that more and more vegan proteins are available.
  • Try: Plant Protein by Precision Engineered. A dairy free blend of pea protein isolate and rice protein for a huge 20g of protein per serving. It’s low in sugar and available in the classic vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Best for the calorie counter

Looking to slim down or cut before a big event? A diet whey formulation could be for you. Packed with the same amount of protein as your usual powders, but with fewer calories and added nutrients to support your goal.
  • PhD have developed Diet Whey, a protein powder to support those on a weight management goal. Packed with 17g of protein and a tiny 91 calories per 25g serving, plus CLA, L-Carnitine, green tea extract and flaxseed.

Best for gaining

Unlike the calorie counters above, you’re looking to up your calorie intake and bulk up. Mass gainers contain the usual protein but have extra carbs and fats to provide a higher calorie blend per scoop to help promote weight gain.

  • Try Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition for a calorie rich protein powder. Add 1,250 calories to your day per serving with added vitamins, minerals, creatine, glutamine and MCTs. All you’ve got to do now, is choose from cookies & cream, chocolate peanut, banana, vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavours.

Best for something tasty

If you’re bored of the vanilla and chocolate protein powders, look for flavours that are a little different. From salted caramel to lemon drizzle, interesting and tasty flavoured proteins are popping up everywhere.

  • Bringing American flavours to British shores, introducing Sparta. From dippin’ dots banana split cereal and marshmallow cereal flavoured whey proteins with a massive 25g of protein per serving, Sparta will be sure to switch up your supplements.

Best for the snackers

Can’t resist digging into the treats? Swap your usual sweet and savoury treats for those that are packed with protein yet, deliciously indulging.

  • For a sweet treat: Try Protein Bites by Boost Ball. With 10g of protein per packet, they’re the perfect 3pm treat (plus they’re keto friendly!). the only difficult decision is choosing between salted caramel, peanut cookie dough, lemon drizzle or coconut fudge cake!
  • For a savoury treat: Try Crunchers by Ufit, the protein packed alternative to crisps. High in fibre, low calorie and with 8g of protein per bag, these popped protein chips will satisfy your cravings. Chose from salt and vinegar, smokehouse BBQ or opt for thai sweet chill for a little kick.

Support your training further

So, you’ve found your perfect protein, now what? We all know that protein supports your muscles recover post work-out, but there’s a whole world of supplements out there that can support you pre and during your session.


If you’re lacking the energy or motivation and need something to give you that extra boost before you start your work out, try a pre-workout supplement. Packed with BCAA’s and essential vitamins to ensure you’re firing on all cylinders to reach your next personal best.

  • Try Bondi Coffee’s Workout Booster. Make like your regular coffee, but his is packed with BCAA’s, MCTs and B vitamins support your workout by increasing endurance, reducing fatigue and boosting your energy to ensure you get that last rep.

Runners and cyclists

If you’re on the hunt for a punch of convenient energy for your next long-distance run or cycle, sachets of gels, quick release energy bars and sweet treats are for you. Make sure your

  • From the makers of Jelly Belly, Sports Beans are designed for sports performance, steady energy and are packed with carbs, electrolytes and vitamins to fuel you through right till the end. Check out the different flavours and the extreme version packed with 50mg of caffeine.

Everything you need in one place

If you’re new to exercise or training for your first big sporting event, you will need to effectively fuel your body to ensure it can work to achieve your goal. Keeping hydrated is vital, as is recovering correctly by stretching and refuelling your muscles, but if you aren’t sure on what products do what, try a combination pack.

  • High5 brings you the starter kit, packed with everything you need to kick start your discovery of sports nutrition for any training session or event. Try energy gels, drinks, effervescent tablets and whey recovery drinks to aid you on your journey.

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Last updated: 28 May 2020