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19 ways to fit exercise into your daily routine

21 Mar 2023


Add these tiny bursts of exercise into your day to get healthier without even realising it. You don’t even need to set foot in a gym! Fit exercise around your busiest days with these easy everyday tips.

In the morning…

1. 10-minute workout before breakfast

If you can get up 25 minutes earlier, there’s time to have a drink of water, do a 10-minute intense workout, and shower. Choose from hundreds of free videos on social media. Look for interval training, circuits, or a body weight workout.

2. Waiting for the kettle to boil?

Do 10 wall push-ups, 10 triceps dips (use a kitchen chair), and 10 lunges on each leg.

3. Sprint with the dog

When you’re walking your pooch, do 5-10 short sprints in the park. He’ll love the extra interaction, and you’ll boost your fitness.

4. Walk the longer way round

Popping to the shop or going to post a letter? Take a slightly longer route. Just 5 minutes extra there and back will improve your health.

5. Walk your commute

Can you walk at least part of your daily commute? Any extra walking will contribute to your daily step count. Walking burns calories, boosts your cardiovascular fitness, and helps to tone your legs.


At work… 

6. Get up and move

If you’ve been sat at your home desk or on the sofa for more than 30 minutes, get up and do 10 squat jumps, star jumps, or burpees.

7. Tighten your core

Whilst you wait for a lift to arrive, hold your abs in tight for 10 seconds. Release them to 50%, then tighten and hold again.

8. Stretch on the phone

Next time you take a phone call, stand up. Use the time to do a full body stretch. Lean to one side, then the other, and then stretch forward to ease your back out.

9. Walk at lunchtime

Get outside for a walk at lunchtime. Use the walk to do local chores, or switch off and use it as me-time. A fast-paced walk during the day will burn calories and support your emotional wellbeing.

10. Walking meetings

Are you in a position to change your workplace culture to one of health and wellbeing? See if some of your meetings, or chats with colleagues, can be done over a walk rather than across a table.

11. Get on your feet at work

Use every opportunity you can to be more active during the day. Stand rather than sit. Deliver messages on foot and not by email. Little actions add up, helping combat weight gain and poor health.

12. A mid-day workout

If you have time for a workout at lunchtime, grab the opportunity. Good options for a mid-day workout? A yoga class, a swim, a short gym session, or an outdoor run if you have access to showers.

13. Head to the gym before you go home

Once you get home, you might not feel like doing a workout. So head to the gym, or to an exercise class, on your way home.


Once you get home…

14. Make the most of waiting

If you’re early picking up your child from after-school club, walk around the block for 5-10 minutes.

15. Family fun

Turn a standard trip to the park with your kids into a short workout. Play football, run sprints, or incorporate a game of tag.

16. Work that shopping trolley

Next time you go to the DIY store, use the big trolleys for a mini-workout! Push your loaded trolley at a sprint around an empty section of the car park.

17. Dance

When your favourite song comes on the radio, dance around the kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how much it raises your heart rate!

18. Boost your beauty routine

Waiting for your face mask to dry? Do 25 sit ups and then hold a plank for as long as you can.

19. An evening stroll

After dinner, use TV and online time to go for a walk instead. It’s a great way to catch up with your partner and kids and talk about your day. Or you could use the time to listen to a podcast or audiobook.

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