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How long does it take to burn off your favourite snacks?

23 Nov 2022 • 0 min read

Ready-made snacks are so quick and easy to grab when you’re on the go. But are they worth it? If you’re trying to lose weight, you might be shocked at how quickly the calories add up.

McDonalds Big Mac - 490 calories

It won’t surprise you to know that a Big Mac contains a hefty amount of calories (lots of them from fat). But did you realise it’s nearly 500 calories (and that’s without fries or a drink)? To burn that off, you’d need to do about 50 minutes of sweaty cardio like running, an hour’s hard cycling out on your road bike, or 75 minutes of intense weight training.

Margherita pizza - 650 calories

Even the simplest pizza on the menu - the classic cheese and tomato - can clock in at 650 calories. To burn off that carb and fat feast, you’d need to do between 75-90 minutes of medium state cardio (jogging, cross trainer, or stepper machine) or two back-to-back gym classes. Perhaps limit yourself to a slice or two?

Chocolate bar - 250 calories

Most individual chocolate bars are now just under 250 calories. So for every Mars, Snickers, Galaxy or Dairy Milk you enjoy, you’re looking at around 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise like jogging, aerobics, or intense bike riding. If you prefer your cardio more laid-back, you’d need to do about 50 minutes (walking, swimming).

Salted, coated nuts - 300 calories

The kind of nuts you get at the pub aren’t as healthy as you think. Even plain and raw nuts carry a high calorie count. But nuts that are roasted, salted, or coated are much more calorific. To burn off a modest 50g portion (easy to eat!), go for a 4-mile run or do an intense circuit training style gym class.

Jaffa Cakes - 92 calories (for 2)

Just two Jaffa cakes contain almost 100 calories, although they are relatively low in fat. And be honest, can you stop at just two? Burn through that 100 calories with 10 minutes of running or 20 minutes fast walking.

Chocolate muffin - 350 calories

Is that chocolate muffin calling you from behind the counter at the coffee shop? Think twice before you add it to your order (especially if you’ve already chosen a latte with all the trimmings). A single coffee shop muffin could contain 350+ calories. That’s the calories burned on a 5 mile run or an hour’s aerobics class.

Can of fizzy pop - 140 calories

Zero options of fizzy pop are a dieter’s best friend. The full sugar versions can contain as much as 140 calories for one can. That will take you 2 miles of running to burn off, or 15 minutes on the cross trainer at the gym. Handpicked Content: Five healthy alternatives to your favourite comfort food
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