stomach cramps after eating

Why do I have stomach cramps after eating?

25 Mar 2023

Common cause Type of stomach ache
Trapped wind Feeling bloated and farting a lot
Indigestion Feeling full and bloated after eating, heartburn, feeling sick
Constipation Struggling to go to the toilet
Diarrhoea / food poisoning Watery poo, nausea, vomiting


stomach pain after eating
Donia Hilal

Author: Donia Hilal, Nutritionist

Joined Holland & Barrett: Jan 2018

Bsc in Nutrition, Registered Associate Nutritionist and Certification in Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Donia started her career as a freelance nutritionist, later she joined Nestle as their Market Nutritionist to help support their healthier product range, before joining the team at Holland & Barrett in January 2018.

Donia has over 6 years experience as a Nutritionist and also works with clients on a one to one basis to support their goals which include weight loss, prenatal and postnatal nutrition and children’s health.