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Our favourite products for a restful sleep

05 Oct 2023 • 3 min read

Discover our favourite products for a restful night’s sleep. We’ll dip into the importance of sleep and suggest various natural solutions to aid and encourage it, from magnesium spa flakes to diffusers, eye masks and sleep tonics. 

Sleep is as important for good health as diet and exercise. Good sleep improves your brain performance, mood, and health. Not getting enough quality sleep regularly raises the risk of health problems. 

Many factors can interfere with a restful night’s sleep, and many people find it difficult to drift off or even stay asleep. 

Stress and anxiety, a poor sleeping environment (such as an uncomfortable bed, or a bedroom that's too light, noisy, hot or cold) or lifestyle factors such as jet lag, shift work, or drinking alcohol or caffeine before going to bed1 can all have negative effects on your quality of sleep. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started…

8 of our favourite sleep products 

At H&B there really is something for everyone! 

Sleep is fundamental to your wellbeing and to your overall health. Everyone deserves to have the best quality sleep they can, or at least a good sleep cycle that suits their lifestyle. 

Not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep is a frustration that we’ve probably all experienced at times. We’re sure you’ll be glad to discover what our favourite products for a restful sleep are, encouraging those ZZZ’s!

1. Rhinomed Mute Trial 3 Pack

Breathe More. Snore Less. Sleep Better. 

Mute is the drug-free, comfortable way to reduce snoring. This nasal device helps increase airflow through the nose to reduce snoring, alleviate congestion, and improve sleep quality. 

Anatomically designed for comfort, Mute is a small device made of soft polymers that sits comfortably inside your nose. Each Mute is adjustable for a customized fit. To find your correct size, start with the trial pack today!

2. Sea Magik Salted Magnesium Spa Flakes 1Kg

Magnesium Spa Flakes from Sea Magik are rich in pure concentrated magnesium; an essential mineral salt that plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. 

Bathing in magnesium-rich waters creates a luxurious home spa experience, benefiting the body and mind, and promoting optimum skin health and total relaxation. 

Make this salt part of your regular wellness routine to help maintain healthier-looking skin.

3. Tisserand Sleep Better Diffuser Oil 9ml

Envelop your senses with this blissful blend to help you drift off. 
Sleep Better Diffuser Oil is ideal for bedtime. This dreamy blend combines 100% pure essential oils of soothing Lavender, supportive Mandarin and calming Ylang Ylang to help you relax and prepare for a blissful night’s sleep. 

Make your bedroom a sanctuary by adding 6 to 8 drops to a burner or the Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser.

4. Beurer DreamLight Sleep Aid SL10

If you have a hard time falling asleep, it can be a tough cycle to break… 

But the Beurer DreamLight can help you drift off to sleep naturally. It works by projecting a subtle pulsing light onto your ceiling, which your breathing pattern will begin to follow, helping you relax and drift into a rested sleep.

There are 2 breathing patterns to choose from: a relaxation technique with a 4-second inhale and 6-second exhale, or the popular 4-7-8 yoga technique.

The intelligent ball design allows you to angle the light to suit your sleep position. A simple touch-button switches the light on and off, or you can choose to set the automatic switch-off function for 8 or 20 minutes.

5. Grass & Co CALM Pillow Spray with Chamomile, Rosemary & Lemon 50ml

Bringing peace, tranquillity and calm to your bedtime ritual, this Pillow Spray balances the comforting aromatherapy scents of luxurious Lemon, relaxing Rosemary and calming Chamomile to quieten your mind and soothe you to your sleepy place.

Sleep is key to our physical and mental wellbeing; this spray has been specially formulated to support your nightly sleep routine. The aromatherapy scents can help reduce feelings of sleep anxiety and establish the habit of gently falling asleep.

Simply spritz generously onto your pillow and bed linen before you wind down for the night.

6. H&B Expert Sleep Unwind Ashwagandha Drink 300g

H&B Unwind Drink works in harmony with your body, to help you relax and prepare for a good night's sleep, formulated with KSM66® Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Lavender, Glycine and L-Theanine.

We’ve carefully curated this warming, chocolatey Expert Unwind Drink to include some of the most advanced ingredients that help to unwind and support a good night’s sleep. The combination of clinically studied ingredients includes KSM-66® Ashwagandha and L-Theanine, with lavender to support optimal relaxation.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha contributes to emotional balance and relaxation, whilst L-Theanine contributes to relaxation and normal sleep.

7. H&B Expert Sleep Unwind Tonic 150ml

We’ve carefully curated this cherry flavour Expert Unwind Tonic to include some of the most advanced ingredients that help to unwind and support a good night’s sleep.

Our Unwind Tonic works in harmony with your body to help you relax and prepare for a good night's sleep, formulated with L-Theanine, Lavender and Montmorency Cherry.

L-Theanine contributes to relaxation and normal sleep, whilst lavender contributes to optimal relaxation.

8. Panda London 100% Bamboo Eye Mask - Urban Grey

For anyone that takes their slumber seriously, the Panda Bamboo Eye Mask is the ultimate accessory to shut out ambient light and set you up for a lovely long sleep.

The most thoughtfully designed, light-as-air creation made from 100% bamboo, inside and out. Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic, this eye mask is silky-soft on your skin and the strap is adjustable, so it will fit perfectly without pinching or feeling tight.

Whether you’re a day-napper, a jet-setting travel-bug, or just a regular night-sleeper who struggles with distractions, trying to sleep when there’s a lot of ambient light can be tricky. No matter what time it is, this mask will bring on the night… And you’ll sleep right through it!

Final say

We hope this article has been useful, and even inspired you to try some of our top picks for inducing a more restful night. 

Head over to We answer your most Googled questions on sleep for more on the importance of sleep and how to obtain a better-quality slumber. 
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