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10 of the best prenatal vitamins 2021 – picked by an expert

3 ways to support your immunity during pregnancy

3 ways to support your immunity during pregnancy

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Yes, it is. Prenatal vitamins are designed to be taken before you get pregnant and some products can continue to be taken during pregnancy too.

These supplements are aimed at plugging any nutritional gaps you may have so that your baby has all the vital nutrients it needs to develop and grow healthily.

While it’s possible to get these nutrients from your food, some women may not eat their daily quota of goodness every single day, which means their bodies and baby aren’t getting all of the goodness that’s required.

Plus the fact, having to provide for two people can be draining on mum’s body, and supplements are a quick and easy way of making sure she continues to provide enough nutrients for herself and her baby.

Ideally, you should take a prenatal vitamin 3 months before trying to get pregnant.

This is due to the fact that the egg starts maturing around 3 months before being released, and when that happens, it’s important it gets all the nutrients it needs from the outset.3

If you believe you may be pregnant and aren’t yet taking a prenatal vitamin, make sure you do it right away. NTDs develop in those early stages, usually during the first 4 to 6 weeks of getting pregnant.

That’s why it’s essential women start taking folic acid straight away at the very least to help minimise the risk of NTDs happening. 

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