What is lean protein? Benefits & sources

05 Oct 2021

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  Protein source (per 100g) Protein Total fat Saturated fat Calories
Lean protein Skinless chicken breast 30g 1.6g 0.5g 137
Skinless turkey breast 33g 2.2g 0.5g 155
Cod fillet 21.5g 1.3g 0.3g 98
Haddock fillet 26.6g 1.1g 0.3g 116
Lean beef mince 31g 4.7g 2.1g 168
Tofu 13g 1.9g 1g 123
Green lentils 8g 1.8g 0.5g 83
Chickpeas 8g 1.4g 0.2g 122
Low-fat Greek yoghurt 7.5g 0.5g 0.1g 59
Venison 23.6g 0.8g 0.4g 103
Trimmed lean pork filled 32g 3g 1g 162
Non-lean protein Pork sausages 18g 24.6g 8.7g 299
Sirloin steak 27g 11.4g 4.9g 213
Rump steak 22g 11.9g 5g 196
Duck leg 24.3g 14.9g 4.8g 244
Lamb leg 17.6g 18.7g 9.5g 239


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Isabel Tarrant

Author: Isabel Tarrant, Nutritionist

Joined Holland & Barrett: Sep 2020

MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition

Registered Nutritionist with an MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition from University College London.

Isabel has expertise in gut health and the role of the gut microbiome in digestive health, immunity and brain health.

Isabel is passionate about improving the wellbeing of customers through evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice and keeps up with the latest nutritional science to continually enhance her practice.

Isabel believes a well-balanced holistic approach of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle practices are key to improving wellbeing and happiness.