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Avocado guide: Benefits, calories, nutrition & uses

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Ways to eat avocado


Season them


Stuff them


In a salad


In sushi rolls


On toast




As guacamole


In a smoothie


As a topping

Other avocado FAQs...

You can! As avocados are high in fat and low in carbs, you can enjoy them while sticking to the rules of keto.

Yes. No animal byproduct is needed for the growth of avocados.

Avocados are best stored in a cool, dark place while they ripen.

Once opened, if you do not finish the full avocado, it is best left in its skin, with the seed placed back into the middle, wrapped in cling film, and placed in the fridge.

You can eat avocado skins, and in fact, they are often full of fibre and potassium.

However, depending on the type of avocado, the skin can be very tough and difficult to eat.

Although you can eat an unripe avocado, we can’t recommend it, as they’re likely to be difficult to chew and won’t yet have the creamy, subtle texture and flavours of the avocado you know and love.

Like almost any food, avocados should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

They are naturally high in calories – especially for a fruit – so they should not be eaten in excess.

Yes! In fact, avocado is most often eaten raw as it’s delicious as soon as it’s ripe.

As part of a balanced diet, avocado could be eaten every day, but it is worth keeping in mind that they are relatively high in fat and calories compared to many other fruits and vegetables.

You can eat avocado seeds, although they require preparation, such as several hours in the oven. Avocado seeds are more often used to produce oils.

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