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Stack of dark chocolate stack with fresh raspberries

How avocados, berries and dark chocolate benefit your skin

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

If you dream of having radiant skin that looks healthy and feels soft, you should look at ways you can introduce skin-boosting superfoods to your diet. Food is our primary source of vitamins and other vital nutrients which we need in order to keep our body functioning healthily. It’s important that we make sure we are eating the right types of food and getting a broad range  in our diet. Among other things, the right foods can help nourish tired skin and keep it looking supple- whatever your skin type. Here are 3 of the best:


High in poly and monounsaturated fatty acids, avocados can improve your skin from the inside out.  They contain omega-9 fatty acids, which moisturise the top layer of your skin, and vitamin C to boost collagen and elastin production. They’re also packed with vitamin E, which is needed for skin regeneration1, and carotenoids2 that protect your skin from pollution and environmental damage, a major cause of fine lines, wrinkles, pigment spots and acne breakouts. There are lots of different ways to eat an avocado. You can eat it as it is, blend it to make a smoothie for breakfast, fill it with sundried tomatoes and cheese for a quick lunch or slice it up and add it to a creamy pasta sauce for dinner. If you’re a keen baker, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a tasty chocolate and avocado cake.3 Handpicked content: Chocolate avocado ice cream

Dark chocolate

Some people might say that chocolate is bad for your skin and causes you to have acne but it’s been proven that eating a small amount (1 - 2oz) of dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70% daily4 can be good for your skin (as well as being good for other parts of your body too.) Dark chocolate contains flavonols which help increase blood flow, keep your skin hydrated and protect it from sun exposure. Cocoa can also reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body which cause collagen to breakdown and lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You might choose to eat a square or two of chocolate a day but dark chocolate can also be added to savoury sauces such as chilli con carne and bolognese5.  The key is to only add a small amount as you don’t want the sauce to be bitter or taste of chocolate. Handpicked content: Chocolate flourless cake


Whether you decide to eat blueberries, blackberries or raspberries, you’ll be giving your skin a boost of vitamin A which is great if you have oily or combination skin as it slows down the production of sebum (oil). This stops your pores becoming blocked so you’re less likely to suffer from spots and pimples. Berries are also bursting with vitamin C which is needed for collagen production. Collagen gives skin its elastic quality and stops it from sagging. A handful of berries can be a great healthy snack or you could try sprinkling some over granola or yogurt for breakfast. If you’ve never tried dried berries before, you’ve been missing out. They’re a great healthy alternative to sweets.

How soon will you start to see results?

Adding more nutrient-dense foods to your diet can help boost your skin but it may take a few weeks before you start to see any visual results. This is because it takes your body five to six weeks to generate new skin. Nutrient-dense superfoods aren’t just great for your skin but your entire body too. Find out more about how superfoods can boost your immune system and help detox your liver. 1 http://www.livestrong.com/article/25515-benefits-vitamin-e-oil-skin/ 2 http://healthiestfoods.co.uk/avocado-skin-benefits 3 http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/chocolate-avocado-cake 4 http://www.youbeauty.com/nutrition/dark-chocolate-benefits/ 5 http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/dark_chocolate
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