How to add volume to fine hair

How to add volume to fine hair: 6 top tips

Fine hair, it can feel like a blessing and a curse. On one hand you don’t have to sit drying your hair for what seems like hours and it’s pretty low maintenance, but on the other hand it can feel pretty limp and lifeless. Thankfully, there are many ways to inject some life into thin hair. Are you ready? Here’s some of our favourite tips on how to add volume to fine hair.

1. Make friends with dry shampoo

We’re sure you’ve already been acquainted with the life-saver that is dry shampoo, but did you know it could pump up the volume in your hair as well as soak up all that grease? Instead of spraying it on your roots and brushing it out straight away, leave it for a few minutes and then gently massage it in without brushing it away. The ‘build up’ will create volume in your hair, just make sure you’re using the right colour for your hair. You can make your own dry shampoo and use natural ingredients to match it up to your natural colour, too!

2. Blow dry like a pro

One of the beauties of fine hair is that it doesn’t usually end up in a giant mess if you let it dry naturally. On the contrary, it normally dries straight and smooth, but ultimately quite flat. That’s where blow drying comes in to save the day – just make sure you’re doing it right.

We recommend putting down the round brush and ‘rough drying’ your hair using your hands and tipping your hair forward for the majority of your blow dry. Then use a brush for the last few seconds to smooth the ends and soften the style.

3. Style it out

No matter what you do to some styles (hello straight partings!) they will end up emphasising how fine your hair is. Here are some pointers:

  • Try a side or zig-zag parting to give a little more life to your hair
  • Cutting your hair to just above your shoulders can make it seem thicker
  • Ask your hair stylist for some long layers to add volume
  • Add some colour – highlights, low lights and multiple colours can give your hair extra depth

4. Give backcombing a go

Got 5 minutes spare to add some volume to your hair? A spot of backcombing could be just the ticket if you’ve woken up with flat, lifeless hair. Here’s a quick guide on how to backcomb like a boss:

  • Start with hair you washed at least one day before for best results
  • Section the front of your hair into two side segments and leave the back and crown loose
  • Brush through the top section of your loose hair and pull up so it’s taut
  • Take your comb or backcombing brush and brush the hair from around mid-length down to the roots
  • Repeat on the remaining loose hair, making sure to keep the backcombed hair separate so you don’t end up in a big mess!
  • Then simply part your hair again and comb your hair lightly for a smooth finish

5. Leave your hair longer between washes

An unfortunately common companion to fine hair is excess oil. It’s only logical to think that washing your hair every day is good for greasy hair, when in fact, it’s likely to be contributing to your oily locks! Try reducing the amount of times you wash your hair (dry shampoo will help) and you will hopefully find your hair gradually gets less greasy and has a thicker appearance. Remember to only condition the ends of your hair too!

6. When you do wash, make sure you’re using the right products

What you lather onto your hair in the shower can have a huge impact on the condition and appearance of your hair. To get the volume you want for your fine hair, its important that you choose a lightweight volumising shampoo that adds moisture without weighing your hair down. We have lots to choose from here at H&B, including the highly-rated volumising Sea Magik Pink Salt Shampoo Take a look at our full natural shampoo range to find the perfect volumising shampoo for you!

We hope this has given you some inspiration on how to add volume to fine hair . You're hair will be feeling it's bouncy best in no time!

Last updated: 29/04/2020