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Can you have a protein shake for breakfast?

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If you’re using regular protein powder and you’re on a meal replacement diet plan, it’s best to use protein shakes as a supplement to your diet – rather than a standalone meal. The main purpose of a protein shake is to add more protein to your diet and while it can be filling, you may want to have a small meal alongside your shake to get more fibre, vitamins and minerals.


That being said, a protein shake in the morning is still a good way to get a boost of nutrients first thing.

There are a lot of different factors involved in weight loss, from calories and diet to exercise.

But multiple studies have shown that having a high protein breakfast can help with things like feeling less hungry and consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

It can also help with the regulation of our appetite-related hormones like ghrelin – which in turn means we crave less unhealthy foods.

If you don’t think you can give up breakfast foods for a protein shake, we understand. With so many tasty, nutritious breakfast options – why should you stop enjoying them?

If you’ve decided that breakfast is staying, but you still want to up your protein intake, when is the best time to have your shake?

For gaining muscle, if you train in a fasted state, it may be more beneficial to have your protein shake before you have your breakfast.

Having said this, a study from 2018 also highlighted that having a protein shake with breakfast, or any other meal, may be more effective for weight control than having them in between meals.

While there isn’t a specific protein powder that is best for breakfast, something to look out for is the sugar content.

As we mentioned before, sugar early on in the day can cause a spike in insulin levels, which can cause issues like increased hunger and irritability later in the day.

While protein shakes for breakfast can have a lot of different benefits, they’re not necessarily suitable for everybody.

For example, people with kidney disease should avoid having too much protein and the same for people with cirrhosis.

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