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Help keep your family healthy this winter with expert insights, holistic tips, and a wide range of products, in a variety of formats, to support your immunity.

Support your family's immunity needs this winter. Learn what you can do as Dr Jenna Macciochi unpacks the basics.

3 things that will help a cold


What you can do to feel better


Discover expertly-formulated vitamins and supplements that come in tasty gummies, convenient sprays or drops, so that you can find what's right for you.

At H&B we've everything you need to help you and your family fend off and relieve the symptoms of those nasty winter bugs. Head into selected stores to discover more, from food with added benefits, expertly formulated vitamins and supplements, to trusted medicines, we've an extensive range of products to help support your family's immunity.

Explore holistic tips, lifestyle tricks, and recommended products to help keep your family healthy this winter. Discover Dr Jenna Macciochi's top tips for supporting your immunity below.

The importance of diet


A focus on sleep


The impact of stress


"At H&B, we believe that a diverse diet is key to supporting your overall health. A variety of balanced and nutritious foods will provide you with energy and nutrients to help your immune system to function properly - helping to keep your family happy and healthy this winter season!” Dr Anojan Arulananthan

Support your family's immunity needs without compromising your budget. Explore our extensive range of expertly-formulated vitamins and supplements in a variety of formats.

Immunity FAQs

What foods can boost my immune system?


Does immunity decrease during your period?


What does immunity mean?


Why do I keep getting sick?


How to prevent the common cold



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