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How to manage the menopause at work

01 Sep 2021 • 11 min read


Ask if your employer has a menopause policy

"Even if there’s nothing official, your employer has responsibility for your health and safety at work.

And if your symptoms are affecting your work, it’s important to let them know as you would with any medical issue," says Dr Newson.

Are you the boss? Your menopause symptoms may have an impact on colleagues, clients or employees, so you should discuss the issue with them, too.

Do your research

Learn about the full range of menopause symptoms you may experience and ways to deal with them.

These could be lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, HRT, herbal remedies or counselling.

Browsing health websites such as the NHS, Menopause Matters and Women’s Health Concern may be helpful too.

  • Introduce practical changes

Think about what practical changes would help at work: access to cold water, more toilet breaks, desk fans, or flexible working hours when symptoms such as joint pains or fatigue make it hard to focus on your job.

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has a great series of guidelines with lots of suggestions for menopause-related issues.8

  • Self-help measures

Adopt various self-help measures such as taking more notes to compensate for memory problems, or dressing in layers so it’s easier to adjust your temperature during a hot flush.9

Seek support

Talk to colleagues also going through the menopause; you could even set up a ‘menopause café’ at work.

If you feel you’re being treated unfairly because of your menopause symptoms, consult Acas (see below) for free legal advice.10


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