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5 vegan cake recipes using coconut oil

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

Veganism has become an incredibly popular diet and lifestyle choice for many over the last few years, with many associated health benefits too.1 But even if veganism is not for you, you can still try out a vegan diet by opting for more vegan-friendly ingredients, such as coconut oil, in your cooking.

Using coconut oil for cooking

Also known as copra oil, coconut oil is an edible oil which is extracted from the coconut kernel, harvested from the coconut palm. Coconut oil is popular in cooking, thanks to its ability to withstand high temperatures. Nevertheless, it remains a saturated fat.2 And the jury is still out on whether or not coconut oil is better than other oils for your health.3 Whilst your body needs healthy fats for energy and other functions, overeating any food type can lead to health issues. And taking in too much saturated fat can cause cholesterol to build up in arteries. It is important to have a healthy, well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise. The government recommends that men should not eat more than 30g of saturated fat per day. Women should not exceed 20g.4 While coconut oil is a vegan alternative to animal-based saturated fat, you should always be aware of your fat intake. Overconsumption of fats can also lead to becoming overweight and susceptible to a number of diseases.

5 of the best vegan cake recipe ideas

Being vegan means cutting out of meat and dairy products. Dairy products are typically used in baking. However, it is possible to replace these ingredients and still make delicious cakes for every occasion. Here are 5 of the best:

1.      Vegan banana bread cake

If you are searching for vegan birthday cake ideas, then look no further! This amazing four-layered banana bread cake will leave your guests hungry for more. This recipe is based on a buckwheat flour banana bread created by Joanna Stankiewicz. The serving size is 16. The difficulty rating is medium, and it takes just 45 minutes to bake. To make the cake, you will need buckwheat flour, which is grain-free and gluten-free. It is packed with protein and B vitamins to help support the body’s normal functioning. You will also need almond flour, which has less carbs than regular wheat flour, is gluten-free and a good source of fibre.

2.      Vegan chocolate fudge decadence cake

If you fancy something that is a lot more chocolatey, you could try the vegan chocolate fudge decadence cake. This vegan chocolate cake is a perfect healthy vegan birthday cake recipe for any dairy free chocolate connoisseur. This recipe uses dairy free milk. Unsweetened soya milk is a healthier option as it is in low in fat. Dairy free chocolate, coconut oil and gluten free self-raising flour are also good vegan substitutes. You can decorate the cake with your chosen seasonal berries to give it that decadent appearance!

3.      Mango, poppy seed and blueberry vegan cheesecake

It is nice to treat yourself to a yummy dessert every once in a while. There are many simple vegan cake recipes you could try out. Packed with fruits and nutritious ingredients, why not try the mango, poppy seed and blueberry vegan cheesecake? This easy vegan cake recipe serves six and requires only 20 minutes prep time. For the base, you can use cashew butter as a substitute for animal-based butter which is high in fat. Cashew butter is a good source of protein. Vegan cheese is made from plant-based products from vegetable proteins, such as soy, cashew nuts or coconut oil. Our health hub gives you the best vegan alternatives to cheese. Pecan, almonds and dates are all healthy ingredients to use as they are low in fat. Instead of using full-fat cheese, cream and caster sugar, this vegan cheesecake provides a healthier alternative. Natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and dates are some of the best sugar substitutes. You also get extra sweetness from the natural coconut oil!

4.      Vegan coconut and almond butter slices

If you are in the mood for a smaller treat, you could make vegan coconut and almond butter slices. These are perfect to cook for a large number of guests since they take just 30 minutes to prep, but the size and serving is completely dependent on how you cut the slices. They can be a finger food option or a more filling dessert. The recipe uses coconut and almond butter, which is packed with vitamins, a good source for protein and fibre. Flaxseed for the filling enhances the fibre in the dessert and is also high in omega-3. For the topping, you can use vegan dark chocolate, cacao powder and coconut oil. Our health hub features a guide to vegan chocolate you could try out for any dairy free chocolate cake recipes.

5.      Vegan chocolate, coconut and raspberry tart

And lastly, for a different kind of dessert, you could experiment with the vegan chocolate, coconut and raspberry tart. You can use maple syrup instead of honey, as it contains less calories and provides more energy. Organic and natural sweeteners are healthy vegan options. This recipe is packed with coconut goodness, featuring coconut milk, oil and flakes for decoration. Once it is set, you can also decorate it with fresh berries. Being vegan does not mean you need to cut cake from your diet. There are plenty of cake recipes out there. You just have to find one that is right for you. And if you are looking to start a vegan diet, you might like to follow this guide to a range of alternative foods. Last Updated: 29th October 2020 Sources: 1 2 3 4
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