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Jar of purple flaxseed smoothie topped with berries and nuts

10 ways to supercharge your day with flaxseeds

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

From fighting fatigue to helping protect the skin, there are many reasons to add these little seeds to your diet. Flaxseeds come in various forms, but whether you’ve got whole flaxseeds or milled flax ground into a powder, there are plenty of ways to use this healthy ingredient. Did you know that vegan baking recipes even call for flax eggs? Here are 10 easy ways to start using more flaxseeds in your everyday:
  1. Sprinkle into a smoothie
A great way to use flax is to simply add a teaspoon to your smoothies. Blend into the smoothie with the other ingredients, or sprinkle over the top of thick smoothie bowl creations. [embed]https://youtu.be/mVCq3qzX_BU?list=PL0Y7F5repaMjjyP5L-9pGNS7X5-s2xTrk[/embed]
  1. Sprinkle over breakfast cereal
Sprinkle flaxseeds over cereal for added crunch and flavour, or make your own healthy breakfast by combining rolled oats, chia seeds, goji berries, chopped nuts, and dried fruit plus flax. [embed]https://youtu.be/HXF02PuvDvs?list=PL0Y7F5repaMjjyP5L-9pGNS7X5-s2xTrk[/embed]
  1. Add texture to French toast
French toast is an indulgent breakfast perfect for lazy weekend mornings. Take your French toast creations to the next level by sprinkling the finished product with milled flaxseeds or whole seeds.
  1. Stir into yoghurt
Turn your favourite yoghurt into a balanced snack with protein, essential fats, and healthy fibre by stirring whole flaxseeds into your dairy snack.
  1. Swap with eggs
If a recipe calls for eggs but you’re vegan (or have an egg allergy), you can use flax! 1 tablespoon of milled flax and 3 tablespoons of water will replace one whole egg.
  1. Give sandwiches some crunch
Add key nutrients, healthy fats, and important fibre to your sandwich by adding a small sprinkling of flaxseeds inside.
  1. Combine into veggie meatballs
Ground flax makes a great ingredient for veggie meatball recipes. It’s great as a binding agent, as well as giving some extra flavour.
  1. Scatter a little over ice cream
Give your dessert an energy boost by scattering ground flaxseed over the top of your favourite ice cream. Or, if you want some added crunch, sprinkle whole flaxseeds instead.
  1. Fold a little into pancakes
Make pancake day a regular thing with your own healthy recipes! Add milled or ground flax to your homemade pancake recipe. It adds nutrition, including fibre and healthy fats.
  1. Mix it into baking
Flaxseeds or milled flax is a great ingredient for healthy homemade baking. Add a subtle nutty taste to muffins by stirring in ground flax into the dry mixture before creating your batter. Or you could add whole flaxseeds into a tasty cereal bar snack, ready to eat on the go. Handpicked content: Raspberry, almond & oat bars Handpicked content: Super-seeded whole-grain loaf Whole flaxseeds or milled ground flaxseed is a super healthy ingredient to keep on hand ready for those days when you want to add extra nutrition to your favourite home recipes. Shop the Food & Drink range
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