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Whether you’re naturally an introvert or you’re currently going through coronavirus self-isolation / lockdown on your own, there are many reasons to celebrate having some me-time.

In our modern technological age, we’re almost never completely on our own. Nevertheless, there are some definite positives to occasionally switching off our phones and having some time to ourselves.

Wondering exactly what those benefits are? Or maybe you’re after some inspiration when it comes to exciting things to do alone? Keep on reading…

So, why is it good to have some alone time?

Having friends and family to chat to and make memories with is obviously very important, however, setting time aside just for yourself is also no bad thing.

Scared you might be lonely or get bored completing a task on your own? Studies show that going solo every so often can actually have huge benefits when it comes to boosting our productivity levels and creativity1. While too much time alone could start to have a negative effect on your mental health, being able to spend short periods of time on your own is thought to actually improve our happiness levels and be good for stress relief. We’re able to feel completely ourselves when we’re not surrounded by others which can lead to freer thinking, better decision making and, hopefully, complete relaxation2. Doing activities alone is additionally fantastic for kids as it teaches them to be more independent and resourceful. Some research even suggests that children who regularly spend time on their own are better behaved and less likely to develop attention-seeking habits3.

What are some fun things to do alone?

Stumped as to what you might enjoy doing more on your own than with your friends? Consider adding a few of the following solo activities to your weekly schedule:4

1. Learn a new skill

Whether you want to learn a language, improve your artistic skills or teach yourself a musical instrument, some more educational activities are best done alone and will give you a real sense of purpose and pride.

2. Go for a run or bike ride

Some exercise is often best done alone – including jogging and cycling. Solo workouts allow you to set the pace and achieve your own personal fitness goals without being hindered by the progress of other people.

3. Read a book (or write one!)

Reading really is an activity that’s best done alone unless you have young kids who are yet to learn. Having some me-time everyday to delve into a book is not only great for sparking your imagination, but will also help to pass the time. Feeling inspired by your latest novel? Why not write your own?!

4. Explore a new place

If you thought travel and exploration could only be enjoyed with other people, think again. Sole adventures can be really exciting and allow you to check out attractions which you know you’ll definitely be interested in.

5. Spend some time with your pet

Have a cute pet at home? Setting aside time every day just for the two of you will definitely strengthen your bond. Whether it’s just cuddles on the sofa or you want to teach your pet a new trick, spending time alone with them can really boost your mood and make you feel less lonely.

There are dozens of other activities which are also brilliant to do alone, from decluttering your home and doing home improvement projects to baking something tasty or starting up a blog.

Think you could benefit from some supplements to improve your mood and overall health while you’re spending time on your own? Take a look at our Healthbox service which gives you access to free consultations with lifestyle and nutrition experts and allows you to order tailored subscriptions of certain vitamins straight to your door.

Last updated: 25 April 2020