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5 of the best sugar free chocolate snacks

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

On the hunt for a new sweet snack without so much of the sugar? Check out 6 of the best sugar free chocolate snacks for inspo!

Which chocolate has no sugar?

Traditionally, chocolate is made by combining unsweetened or ‘bitter’ chocolate with sugar, milk, flavours and other ingredients to transform it into the smooth and delicious sweet treat we know and love. But where does that leave people who have to limit their sugar intake?

Don’t worry – chocolate without sugar has been created so nobody has to miss out!

Is sugar free chocolate really sugar free?

It depends. Most ‘no sugar chocolate’ does contain very small amounts of sugar, but this is typically much less than you would find in your standard chocolate bar off the supermarket shelf. Always check the label to see what you’re dealing with.

Is sugar Free Chocolate better?

If you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake for whatever reason, then yes! Sugar free chocolate could be a better choice for you. It could be beneficial for:

  • People who can’t consume much sugar
  • Keto or paleo dieters
  • Those who want a less sugar-laden snack

What is the best sugar free dark chocolate?

It depends what you’re looking for. A chocolate bar to replace your regular sweet snack? Bite size chocolate cookies full of cream and not sugar? We’ve gathered 6 of the best sugar free chocolate snacks available, with customer reviews to help you decide which to try first!

5 of the best sugar free chocolate snacks

1. Our best sugar-free chocolate biscuits

Diablo Sugar-free Chocolate Chip Cookies, 130g

The beauty of chocolate is that it makes almost everything taste better, even if it’s sugar free chocolate!

A good example of this is these Diablo sugar free cookies. They’re a sweet, sugar-free treat perfect for those who need to limit the amount of sugar in their diet or those simply on a quest for healthier snacks.

Key benefits:

  • No added sugar – 04g sugar per cookie
  • Perfect as a quick afternoon boost or treat
  • Suitable for those on a sugar-controlled diet
  • Perfectly dunk-able in teas and coffees

Customer reviews:

Dojomojo – Great chocolate chip cookies without the sugar – 5/5 stars

“These chocolate chip cookies are my favourite! Great flavour!”

Mrs Deedee – Sugar Free Cookies – 5/5 stars

“These are really good. Don’t know what else to say.”

2. Our best sugar free dark chocolate bar

Balance Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar, 35g

A healthier way to indulge your sweet tooth, these vegan sugar free chocolate bars bring you the best bit of dark chocolate without all that added sugar.

Vanilla adds a natural sweetness this smooth Belgian chocolate, so you can enjoy a bar chocolate-y goodness on low-sugar diets.

Key benefits:

  • No added sugar – 2g sugar per bar
  • High in fibre
  • Vegan friendly
  • Perfectly snack-sized

Customer reviews:

Birgitta – Balance dark Belgian chocolate – 5/5 stars

“Very nice dark chocolate if you need to keep your sugar intake low.”

Galina I – Brilliant – 5/5 stars

“The best chocolate ever. Ideal for my ketogenic diet and favourite of my son’s for just being amazingly tasty.”

Check out this Balance chocolate with stevia too.

3. Our best sugar free milk chocolate wafer

Diablo No Added Sugar Cream Filled Milk Chocolate Wafer Bar, 100g

We get it, sometimes you want some crunch with your chocolate – that’s where these devilishly good cream-filled wafers step in.

Silky milk chocolate coats cream-filled wafers, all without the usual heaps of sugar that accompany them – there’s only 0.8g of the stuff per 2 wafers!

Key benefits:

  • No added sugar chocolate - just 0.8g sugar per 2 wafers
  • A tasty snack for those watching their sugar intake

Customer review:

Joanna2205 – Excellent milk chocolate taste – 5/5 stars

“Excellent taste of milk and creamy chocolate and good quality. These are really sweet but with low sugar and low calories which are the most important things. You can have these sweets without feeling bad. Recommended!”

4. Our best sugar free sandwich cookie

Diablo Dark Sandwich Cookie, 176g

Fancy a sweet treat without the sugar? These extra dark cocoa cookies with vanilla cream could be your answer.

These delicious cookies come in individual packets of 4, so you can pop them in your or your kids’ bags to enjoy on the go.

Key benefits:

  • Sugar free - just04g of sugar per serving
  • Specially developed for kids
  • Enjoy on the go

Customer reviews:

Fozgloves - Very tasty - 5/5 stars

"Lovely sugar free cookie at reasonable cost for someone avoiding toomuch sugar intake"

Last updated: 24 March 2021


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